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This app is not accurate enough for the price. Needs to be able to ping the phone's locations better and in a timely fashion... Recommend

This app helped us find our 94 year old grandmother that had gotten lost while driving.. Omg

Awesome app!!! Helped me find my son's phone buried under 6 inches of snow on ski slope at Purgatory. Unbelievable!!! Marvelous

The app gives a location maybe 10% of the time. The remaining 90% it gives wide areas. Please fix the accuracy issues Must have

I love just being able to know where my kids are at all the time. My daughter was traveling out of state and I was able to keep up with her Just wow

Great app! But shouldn't notify the person's phone being located that they can now be located by another person's phone number. Fantastic

awesome...helped locate lost phone and helps me make sure kids are were they say they are Pretty good

Helped me pinpoint a family member who was stuck on the freeway during rush hour, and redirect a student lost in the dark on the way back to college. wow lol

I think it is a great app. It is very accurate and it addomatical refreshes when you go back on it. Very reliable and easy to use, I will recommend this to people I know to get it on their phone. Flawless

it was awesome in finding my daughter who decided to head to a friends house instead of coming home on the bus. Great!

3 of my phones show a dot .... great.... but the last phone is a huge circle of our entire town! Surprisingly

Very accurate about 85% of the time. The other 15% it's so far off that you will know it's not accurate. Works perfectly

When i first sign for this app, it actually pin pointed where the person was at. Now it just show the approximately area, that doesn't help me Fantastic

Works well to track kids. Sometimes it doesn't narrow down where they are well enough. Perfect!

As others have stated, helpful to determine if a teen is where they say they're at. Has also helped us locate a family members phone! love it

it takes long time to locate members although their location is on.Why can't you make an improvement in such a way that soon after the app loads up..update each members current you have to manually update each members location which seems very frustrating... Well done!!

Wish it were a bit more accurate in the search, but it still serves the purpose of letting me know that everyone is safely where they should be. Worth the money to me. Fabulous!

I use it to make sure my family members make it to their destinations ok. This way I don't have to call them. I love it! Recommend

It pr lo coldest me with a level of comfort in knowing the where abouts of my family members. Surprisingly

Keeps me up to date on my teen activity not that I don't trust him but hey we were all teens lol Fantastic

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