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I had to Uninstall because the tutorial doesn't explain what it is exactly I have to do to complete a level. It seems like this is a super cool game but if I could better understand what to do besides just add and subtract atoms I'd enjoy it more. Not bad

This is a great game but I have lost some close ones because of an atom flying over to the opposite side of where I touch. This glitch is most noticeable when there are very few atoms in play, but it can also happen when there are a lot! Please fix this - it's a marvellous game otherwise. Good

Quirky and fun little game, especially for chemistry students like myself. Took me a while to find a solid tactic but all the more fun now. There does seem to be a small bug that prevents unlocking some Google Play Achievements though Superb!

Amazingly simple puzzler, yet so complex. The goal of this is to form atoms. You mash two of the same together using a plus to make bigger atoms, a la chain reaction. Sounds simple, until you start getting to big atoms like chlorine, which is worth 17 fusions, and then you have to plan every shot. Oh did I mention there's a space limit? All in all, great time-killer. wow lol

This is one of the best offline games I've ever had on my phone. Hands down!! Plz don't think I'm doing this for the free antimatter. (actually its partially that too) But I would love to see this game grow.!!!! Worth a go!

I absolutely LOVE this game. It's really simple, yet crazy exciting at the same time. My boyfriend showed me this game, and within a week, I surpassed his high score. He was little sore about it. Haha. Worth it!

I never get sick of Atomas. Even though I've switched phones and lost games and apps multiple times, this is one I always download. Super addictive and a great way to pass the time, and the sfx are very pleasant Worth a go!

This game is very addicting and helps me focus and forget my problems. It is very good if you are an anxious scientist b3cause it is calming and has thr elements. I also play it on repeat when i am on the stationary bike. It helps me pass the time on it. Overall great game. I love it. Omg

Simple, yet different each time. I get it that these games cost money to produce and maintain. I just wish I could buy the game outright for a couple bucks instead of doing all the in app purchases (which I'll NEVER DO). Works great

A seriously good game! One of my favourites. Easy to pick up, hard to master. Just when you think you've got it figured out a new strategy occurs to you, giving your high scores a boost. Don't give up! The Geneva update just dropped. The new game mode changes your strategy a lot. Brilliant

Overall it's a great app. I qualm I have is when there are only two atoms, sometimes, you click for the go below and it will shoot to the opposite side. When there are only two, technically it doesn't matter but I don't understand why the atom doesn't just go to there you shoot it as it does in every other scenario. Recommend

Surprisingly addictive I really love it! Although I don't know all of the periodic table, I am wondering if you could add a periodic table inside? Thanks! Overall great game and I think everyone should download it! Fabulous!

I love this game. I'm not sure if it was on purpose or not , but I was somehow able to get it to say something like "hello secret agent" or something. It had a few options, i chose one about books and it showed me the computer playing the game rather badly. I can't seem to find it again. Fabulous!

Basic chemical elements yielded by fantasy reactions. Fun and quick game, not needing massive time on the phone, unlike other games massively draining the battery (Uranium needed to power most other games!!) Recommend

Really fun game to play. Similar mechanic to 2048. A lot of technique and strategy. The elements/chemistry part is nothing more than a theme so don't be worried if you don't like chemistry. Flawless

Absolutely great. Fun puzzle game that challenges you and keeps you wanting to play again and again. Everytime you improve, it challenges you to restrategise and go again. It is also great for learning your periodic table if you want to. Good game for sitting down to play or just to kill time while waiting! Awesome

Not enough power ups, specifically looking for a less powerful one. Maybe add some more details to each element. Adding more control over where certain elements go would be useful, you could do this with one of those things that randomly shows up as a black or white ball, but of course with different properties. All in all, I love the game and it's super addictive. Not only that, but I can tell (though not fully) that it follows the laws of chemistry. SINCERELY °•°Jamez Good

Simple yet addicting. The only frustrating aspect is it takes me forever to get to my previous best. On my first game I made Cesium. It takes a long time to get there from hydrogen Fabulous!

I was addicted to this game a year ago then uninstalled it because I was so addicted... then I refound it and havn't stopped since. Perfect

This game is so much fun once you figure it out. I have a hard time putting it down as I've only made it half way to silver so I know I'm not even close to my goal. Fabulous!

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