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I like it I really like this app because I can manage what my children do. I don't let them on the internet so having the ability to turn their data off is exactly what I wanted as well as having the restrictions for calls and texts. I wish there was a way to manage their Wi-Fi, and a way to review what they have been doing on the internet like you can with the calls and texts. Flawless

Just Another Way for AT&T to Rip Off Their Costumers Why not just give allow costumers to choose no overage data. Once limit is reached it shuts off until the next billing cycle. Great job

Good app Good for controlling my kids phone use (text/call). BUT there are loop holes. If you block an individual from contacting your child's phone the blocked person can bypass the block by sending a mms (photo message). This is because you can't block data. This is the worst part of the app. Please fix this loop hole. It poses huge risk for people looking to protect their child from people wishing to do harm. Perfect

Amazingly helpful! This app helps us manage who and when our kids can use their phones and data. I really like that you can add allowed numbers during restricted times Fabulous!

Smart limits, teen controls Keeps my kids from being on phone all hours of the night when they should be sleeping. . Pretty good

I love it!! This app does exactly what I need it to do. So easy to manage my teenager's alloted times for phone usage. Definitely worth my money!! Go well

WOW!!! I love the ability to be able to teach my son that his phone is not part of him, but a tool to use when necessary. Superb!

Easy as 1, 2, 3 Discovering this app has been great! I could never understand, why, for the longest...the only access to Smart Limits was to long in on a PC. This app makes it much easier to set restrictions and block annoying callers.

Love it! This app is pretty neat. It's convenient to make adjustments to my boys schedule during school and out of school time quickly. I especially like the fact that I don't have to be tied down at a desktop to make the adjustments.

Love it except.... I would like to be able to limit her incoming calls. She keeps getting bothered at school by random people looking for the previous owner of the number.

Works for me I purchased this app for the blocking feature and it does exactly what I need it to do. I've had the app for over a year and I am still satisfied with it.

So far..3 stars I can only put a few emergency & it SAYS up to 30! & Limiting GB would be nice instead of OFF only!

Great The only thing that sucks is if you turn data off u can't call or send texts . Or receive

Data Management ^^^^Is half of phone management now adays we should at least be able to view their usage, and where it's going (web content, downloads, apps or other) etc.

Limitless! Puts you back in control of what you want! Who is and isn't allowed to contact you. It's amazing. .and useful for so many different situations that require the need for managing certain people who contact you. Great work AT&T!

Great app many features This app really helps with keeping up with what my daughter is doing and making sure she stays safe and also keeps out people that that she don't need to talk to

It's ok. It would be better if you could manage each user data and not just shut it off. Not worth the money for this. I can do all of this from the other app.

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