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nice but. . . the app is good but often not accurate in terms of the degree of coldness or hotness in a particular area...i have 2 different phones but it has 2 different weather forcast Highly Recommend.

Meh Just another weather app that works, no bells or whistles. Seen better seen worse. Slight thumbs up from me Perfect!

Quality This is a pretty dang good weather app, it did come with the phone all its really lacking is a lightning layer in the maps. I work outside and this would be very helpful. Marvelous

Great App!!!! I live in Alabama, we have a lot of bad storms and tornado weather. This app has came in handy. When the last round of storms came through, this app warned me of a tornado warning first!! Flawless

Excellent weather updates. Please bring back the fun tips to carry umbrella, etc. Also, please add an option in the weather widget edit to change the text colour. The widget text is not easily readable with light backgrounds. Great job

like alot... this weather app works perfectly on my asus zen 5 & zen 6 no issues wotsoever great app....well done asus. Good

I like it It looks great and has a wealth of information. The only problem is that it can be a bit cluttered and hard to find things. Cool

Quite good, but some bugs persist The 1x4 time+weather icon is very good. The weather features on the full app screen are pretty complete, and while I travel, I also get weather alerts, which are useful. It seems like auto update is not always happening, which is a minor bother. A slightly more annoying bug is that the temperature unit keeps getting back to retard units (Fahrenheit), and I need too manually fix it every few days. Brilliant

Materialistic Appearance Detailed and flat designed. User friendly and very convenient thums up for this guys :) Works great

Great app This apps really good for weather, but has trouble updating my location every once in a while. Cool

Helpful & informative Help me to plan whatever and whenever I want to do by using the predictable weather provided by Asus Weather. Even juz prediction but it's assistable 5 star

What a nice display But please add more feature, cant wait to run with a more sophisticated asus weather Good

Just ok Does not update that often, not as accurate as other aps. Not easy to check forecast. Just ok Must have

Why is it always get the defeult settings..from its own..plz fix refresh and uv index always geta buggy.. Fabulous!

Immediately invited to join Developers and designers to really thank you from my hearts.The change in temperature in the ranks of lockscreen refresh have to go in to the application automatically. Great!

First time Ive ever rated an app 5 stars I like the amount of information is available and the notifications of only special weather alerts is great as I hate notification spam Fantastic

Too cluttered First time using not clear where to find radar maps. wasn't at clear you had to scroll down. What's worse is that my location is set in the USA , wind is set to mph and temps to Fahrenheit but the app shows me pressure in millibar and rain in mm's! Out it goes. Good

Location not change automatically from one city to another city if location service ON itself. Once mobile restart then only happened. Need to improvement in this area Fabulous!

Unit settings bug When I switch the units to centigrade and km/h they always revert back to F and mph. Please fix this bug. I am scientist and need metrics. Superb!

Excellent Love it! Very accurate, all parameters are very exact, tested by me at the local weather station. I highly reccomend it! Thx Asus. Big fan! Perfect

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