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hi, thanks for the option to choose from bunch of different skins, many of them are really beautiful. there just ONE thing i miss (and it WAS there before last update): after installing a theme, i'd like to be able customize, which parts exactly a'd like to aply... and there's no option anymore to select QUICK MENU option... i really miss it. could you please bring it back? thanks in advance! Great!

ga semuanya bisa di rubah sesuai tema, saya pakai tema hitam tapi di beberapa bagian setting ada yg masih warna putih, tolong untuk update berikutnya perbanyak lagi bagian bagian yg dapat diubah temanya Worth it!

My favorite theme was lovely cat but after the new update it's just plain and boring. Bring back the goofy cat and the paw on the brightness adjustment bar on the scroll down screen. This update completely ruined my day :/ Recommend

Only asus apps you giving icons in form of launcher or suits the color ... why don't you give all other basic apps also like what's app ,fb ... or you can provide to add another icon ... Because launcher theme does not suits many apps ... I mean they are in sync with launcher which loses the app intensity and that launchers worth.... Appreciation for such a flexible creation of app. Its just awesome ...we can customize icons and its size, font and its size and can create our own theme ... it will be more good if u add some more options in my creations Marvelous

Rich in themes. But I would give it 5* if the clock on lock screen can be changed back to ONE line as before. We latin script readers cannot get used to diagonal reading :( Awesome

I would like to see more options for making a custom theme. The current options are very limited Highly Recommend.

I love all the themes I'm able to create, but I think there should be a "Search" option for users who are looking for a certain theme or wallpaper Works perfectly

This app is very good but you should also give black and white colour in the customizable themes Worth a go!

Please provide some nce beautiful free themes, most of ur themes r paid one and the Free themes u provided r vry boring n childish too and one more thing the icons of the themes sucks Works perfectly

Beautiful app, keeps my phone updated with industry standard themes and UI. All the ASUS apps are excellent . 5 star

Please give some free themes there are some themes which is nt gd enough pls hurry up bfr Valentines day Must have

I love Zen UI but wish it was more diverse. I would love icons and wallpapers for my lifestyle of working as an emergency responder. I live and breath EMS and would love icons or wallpapers about the life we life savers live! Brilliant

Clock widget completely disappeared on lockscreen, can't find related settings in "security & lock screen" neither Awesome

This is a awsm app but i don't like the icons please improve the icons of themes like mi themes please guys i hope you creat good stuff for us wow lol

Why can't you provide Themes for FREEEE...most of ur Themes are Paid..give more Free Themes ....And your Themes looks Childish and Highly Priced...Provide some MATERIAL DESIGN AND o INNOVATIVE THEMES Dear Dev's Go well

I like the themes and how the themes change the file manager but I also want the theme to change settings theme as well then I will have no complaints thanks in advance. 5 star

i was skeptical of getting a smartphone 3x cheaper than the most popular phones out there. but it answered my prayers. UI looks even better and very responsive. feel of the phone very solid. and battery lasts for 3days. if there was a no camera version to asus zenfone series. i would definitely get that cheaper phone. Must have

I cant change my scrolling mode to infinite scrolling. I dont want the standard scrolling + google. Everytime i clicked on the scrollig mode it goes back to the home screen. Worth it!

Please add more customization in theme DIY. A dark mode is very useful on amoled screens Go well

Search button must be there and user creation must be submitted in our themes applications wow lol

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