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Overall a good app since it gives a background for the white text or time in order to blend with the phone's wallpaper without troubling the user. I do hope for a dark or night mode, it really hurts my eyes whenever I check my alarm at night. Keep it up 5 star

When travelling to a different time zone it does not make much sense to show the alarm in home timezone. You usually need to be awaken locally, and not at home when you are away. So now I need to change the home to be local timezone to use the alarm... Works great

I really like this app and would have given it a 5 except for one thing. There are some nice user customizable features, but could we please, please have the option to choose the color of the text. The white only option can be difficult to read, almost impossible, when choosing a wallpaper with a light color in the text area, i.e. sky, with the clock at the top of the screen, a fairly common place for it, I would imagine. Omg

After recent update it's giving me wrong time information, please improve immediately. Highly Recommend.

Its fairly normal... I think it could have the option to chance the clock colour and change the numbers font and layout! That would be nice! Cool

Serve bem para o que propõe. Mas seria legal se pudesse escolher a cor tema do apo. love it

Сделайте проверку, чтоб не проспать, когда срабатывает будильник, решение какого либо примера, или еще что-то) Well done!!

Could you tell me how to make the clock font color turn to white instead just black in the lock screen? Fabulous!

Request to developers to add home screen option.....when mobile is not in use as a screen the old nokia phones use to have home screen.. Omg

Please make the timer always running when the phone is turned off or restarting. Cool

Easy to use, hopefully there's a way that I can bold and stretch the numbers to make it big. And hopefully that there's a way that I can use it as well as lock screen clock. Thank you Pretty good

Very useful app. Please add Monthly and Yearly repeat option in Alarm. Without this the app is incomplete. wow lol


Previous version more convenient. (1.) Active alarms automatically goes up. (2.) the color is not to bright. The new one too bright and no color options, so boring. Omg

It's the perfect clock app! Simple but has every option I can think of. I really like using it and do so more than my last app, because it's just quicker to set the alarm Fantastic

I really love this clock app and my Asus phone. The only further development that I'd really love to see is the ability to customize the colors of the clock. Thanks Asus! Works perfectly

Digital clock and the weather feature is really good and useful. My request _ Please provide an option to change the colour of the digits in the clock. And for the location also. Hope I get that option and a reply in this regard. Thanks a lot. Muito bom!

there is no dark themes on clock app though im using zendark theme pls put dark theme here also Pretty good

Let the app behave like reminder as well.. let it alarm on specific date and time as well.. please.. Muito bom!

alarm don't ring sometimes when my device is in sleep or standby mode .. any calibration? or does Mobile Manager blocks its functionality. please help Asus team .. Well done!!

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