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problem having problem to apply the theme by tapping apply and nothing happen.. Am I missing something?? Superb!

Nice More color theme is required. Or need color changing option. Fail dial pad need more smarter. wow lol

Finally an easy as to get rid of the white dial pad. Customization is perfect for those of us that are visually impaired. Thank you Asus. Not bad

this ia great ! what i want right now is the black version of zenUI theme , hope zenui dev will make it Surprisingly

Assign sim card need help Why can't I assign phone number to specific sim card. And I can't find any option that can help me to set sim 1 or 2 as default sim on this application . I'm on my Asus Zenfone 2. Can you help me? Works perfectly

As the substitution for my "old - stricted - uncostumizeable - very anoying" factory contact​ app (i'm looking at you Lenovo software engineers​), this app offered way more abilities. Other than that, I'm impressed that Asus let's​ other users to try and uses their software for free. Good job Asus, you earned the 5 stars. Not bad

I will give this great app 4 star please add dialer pad tone choosing option in it then it will become complete 5 star app Brilliant

Switching Back Why can't I switch back to DEFAULT THEME? It's still my problem ever since. Please fix this coz it is still a problem to us. Perfect!

Dark theme Please bring back the my theme option in contacts, this has gone after the zenui contacts and dialler update. Please fix this asap. Well done!!

Need more work Expecting the facebook and other social accounts linked to the phone numbers to find friends easy and to communicate. Looking forward to see it in the next release Marvelous

Some bugs Swipe to call doesn't work smoothly and one more fornts even if they are applied doesn't apply please solve these bugs.... Otherwise a it's awesome Just wow

Dont get comfy (if you don't own a Asus smartphone). These apps WERE pretty awesome - until Asus decided to sweep away the community that helped them develop these apps (by changing it to Asus only devices; see the calc & clock app). If Asus had a brain/backbone, it would sell the apps to all Android users instead of being so exclusionary. Good luck with your exclusionary policies Asus. (I've uninstalled your crAPPs & will do the same for all the friends/colleagues/family members I installed them on/recommended to). Flawless

Having trouble in calling a number I have to tap 5 to 6 times to get a call option.. I have seen this problem in 3 ZenFone max sets ... so please rectify it in next update.. wow lol

Nice app but need to synchronize with google contacts. in my Asus (ZE600ML) (Marshmallow 6.0.1) . Number of Contacts does not matching with this. Omg

But why can't I revert back to the default theme? Tapping on apply does nothing. Good

It works well But update this theme with using of more colors like thik gray and light gray colors. This dark theme looking great with 2 more colors light Gray and thick gray Enjoy it!

Awesome ASUS I am the huge fan of ASUS and I wish to ASUS to manufacture the right product's and hope that it will be a no.1 leading company. Great job

Finally <3 we need more themes that allows overall appearance change (including contacts and dialler screen) and not t just homepage and menu Worth it!

Asus dialpad & contact I like it...please make more than that one...i want a new designer n pattern please make it... Superb!

Feeling more comfortable than white. After waiting a long time. Bt now it's not applying on my zenfone 2 laser ze550kl. Please help me. wow lol

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