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Please make this app working because this app is awesome..after marshmallow update it's stop working...I want it badly... I can't find single similar app like this on play store because it takes backup of each and every system apps with data and all installed apps and data too...please please make it work. Google drive backup and reset is too bad because it takes only Google apps and its data backup.. Fantastic

This is a very useful app to me, but it does not support anymore on marshmallow version. This gives me a complete backup of my phone which Google can't give. Please support again the marshmallow on zenfone laser.hope it will be sooner. Thank you very much. Muito bom!

Please provide support to zenfone 4 max. I cannot restore my important backups from my old zenfone 5 to my new zenfone 4 max. I am specifically interested in restoring the apps' data. I do not have a reliable internet to do backup and restore via google account so I prefer this offline. Thank you. Great job

It was a very usefull apps to get backup and restore the handset. But it is discontinued. Very sad. There is not any other option for backup offline. Disappointed. Works great

Marshmallow Dear ASUS Team, please add this app in Android Marshmallow Version, this app doesn't work in marshmallow or Android 6... So as a user I'll suggest you to adapt this app with Android Marshmallow Version... Good

Compatible with another device This app is incredible! Now I can backup and restore my app and it's data without root my phone. I wish this app can be compatible with another device too like sharelink then it will becomes more great! Great!

It was one of d few good apps, but why it stopped manual backup and restore function.? It shows backup function no longer supported in android M. Please provide manual backup function as it was so useful. As insrtucted, on accessing settings > backup&restore, there is no option to backup or restore data and apps. wow lol

Amazing I have bought the Asus ZenFone 2 4 days ago and I'm absolutely happy with both the phone and all the software which comes with it. I'm waiting for the ZenFone is 3 yo upgrade Perfect

Please roll update to support Android M,before updating to marshmallow it was the best back-up app to backup app & data. Surprisingly

Can not backup in ANDROID M Hi this app was good previously where we can backup each app individually, but now it is saying for google auto backup, which i useless. Provide the option in android m as it was in previous versions. Fantastic

Why not for Android 6.x? Please give it back to the lastest version of Android 6.x on my Asus Zenfone or help me downgrade to Android 5.x to use this helpful software! Perfect

This is very good app, many times this app has helped to restore all my data. But unknowingly I have entered password, which I have forgotten now, there is no option of forget password in this app. Please help me to restore all my data back to my mobile. Works great

Vimalraj Chinese phone & ASUS 90% Icon , function same. In Chinese phone can backup contacts and app also without Google support can share app too.. I love this phone because app backup but can't share Highly Recommend.

Nice work Asus... Loves u a lot... Best app... The marshmallow version really makes me sad... I downgraded my phone to lollipop... Nw I'm very happy Not bad

FOR SOMEONE WHO WANTS BACKUPING DATA ON ASUS BACKUP ANDROID 6.0.1 Just Download ASUS Backup VERSION, download it at GOOGLE SEARCH! And you can using ASUS BACKUP to backuping your data at Android 6.0.1 but first Disable and enable that app first then install ASUS BACKUP version~! (Dont ever update that ASUS backup after that) 5 star

Zenfone 2 4gb ram ze551ml - Android 6.0.1 Excuse me, I prefer to back up my files with this app, I don't like the google account blabla stuff. This one is way better as I can choose what app I want to back up or not. Omg. Its called AsusBackup for a reason. Funny because it is useless for now. AsusRestore app? Whuut. Ughh. Works great

Support Please Asus support to backup data in Android M. This App very important for my ZenFone. Please fix the problem. I believe you resolve my problem shortly ?? Surprisingly

FOR ALL PEOPLE REGRETTING ABOUT UPGRADING THEIR DEVICE TO ANDROID MARSHMALLOW if u want to use ASUS Backup again, and if u want lollipop back again instead of marshmallow... then............. using pc... 1.go to asus website; 2.go to products; phones your phone model 5.then on top right, select "SUPPORT". 6.then select "Drivers and tools". 7. select your OS-android. 8.then go to the firmware options. 9.u can download any lollipop firmware for ur Asus phone. 10.after downloading this firmware file in your computer, connect ur phone to pc via USB. 11.copy file2 sdcard Amazing!

Important I am using Asus ZenFone 2 laser 5.5 Android 6.0. " Backups are no longer supported for Android M ". Like this the app is saying... And I cannot add Asus account to the Backup Account, in my < settings >< backup & reset>. Why Google account is there? Omg

DUMMY APP (WHY)? REMOVE IT AS IT IS USLESS. I love this app very much but it is not supported in marshmallow. Plz remove the dummy app of backup and restore from marshmallow. Flawless

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