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Good game but... Like the game. Brings me back to when i read these comics as a kid. Only complaint I have so far is with todays tech, there's no reason you can't play this cross-device with either a google or facebook account. Recommend

Good but So many time this app crashes can't even pick the things I time I try to pick up it up the app close fix the bugs-,,,,, been a while since no update ....................we need it Highly Recommend.

It's alright but it got boring quick... That's too bad. Was kind of hoping I would get to enjoy some of my childhood cartoon characters once more...It's just not user friendly and the tutorial just doesn't catch the attention to make you remember the overload of things you need to remember. Plus where's the comedy? These cartoons were of a comedic nature. As the Joker would say "why so serious?"'s sad but I uninstalled it Omg

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