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Fun game to play. It is nice to see this on mobile devices. I started playing it on my laptop originally, now I can take it with me on my phone! Pretty good

Good game, just not enough food to continue and you need alot of food to do tasks. Not enough food resources Fantastic

Playability It's a very fun game. Make my childhood dream of controlling the gaul village comes true Worth it!

Potions I have potions. Such as healing. But when i try to equip the slots are empty. I have a lot of potions but cant use any. Hope it can be fixed please Omg

its an intersting game..but still have to have a lot of improvement..helmet so hard to get..maybe stuff in market, we can get with coin.. 5 star

Nice game I LOVE Asterix and Obelix, this game brings back my childhood memory. To bad I couldn't seem to find info for where should I look for certain items. Omg

It's entertaining, but ... I really like this game. It's funny, doesn't get boring and quite addictive with enough features to get you going. But there is one major flaw: every so often my bag is full and I collect an extra item through legion attack or a brawl. That lets one of the other slots disappear into the virtual nirvana, until it decides to come back. The last slot shows open, but cannot be filled and the game will reset over and over again. I am not sure how it resolved itself the last two times. But this sucks. Not bad

Johänn Since I was a kid I loved Astrix and Obelix. This game cured me. What happened to the days where you could download a game and play it just to relax a bit. Astrix and friends is certainly not made for that reason. It ads financial strain on to you with inapp purchases if you want to get somewhere. There is no way that a kid with pocket money can afford to play this game. The creators of this game forgot that in order to make money they must get numbers to play this game. Make it affordable. love it

Uses a lot of battery. Server overload problem seems to be fixed, so no more game crashes or log in problems. ...while the gameplay is cute but not convincing, too much waiting for resources. Surprisingly

Great idea, needs some changes I've been reading Asterix ever since I was a small child and I know most of the stories by heart. The game manages to capture the feeling of the comics but the gameplay quickly becomes frustrating, after a while. In the beginning, you have more than enough food to do everything you need, but it quickly becomes scarce. Romans are everywhere and the constant battles make the game progress incredibly slowly. Also, the number of times I lost against the Romans, when the odds of winning were 80% or higher, is absurd. It's what kept me from giving it any more than 3 stars. Must have

In memorial to JMS I have fond memories of my brother reading Asterix to me then allowing me to read the comic books he had. I really enjoy this game but play more in memory of a better time with him. love it

Good but stopped working Good game. However recently it won't let me battle. Have restarted phone several times no change. Possibly needs an update to game? Worth it!

Mind blowing Although progressing in the game will take a million years, I felt it was wonderfully designed and fun to play. Brings back the original charm of the asterix series just like the old pc and ps3 games asterix and obelix xxl (A.K.A kick buttix) and xxl2. Wonderful work by Bandai Namco and I hope they keep up the good work Highly Recommend.

New update not work This new update are broken or whaf, every time i start game it say i must update game, and that your developers working on new update, but I have already updated game.. Just wow

Feels like I'm in the Comic book Food production is very slow and makes you log out to play another game rather but when resources are good the game is super fun! Feels like I'm playing in the comic Amazing!

Classic cartoon Ive loved Asterix and Obelix for years and to of found this was a treat but HOW DO YOU GET THE OTHER VILLAGERS please help Go well

Food generation is a bit slow on the verge of tedious....otherwise really enjoying it Good

find it confusing not sure what to do..will rate higher when i figure it out..will keep you posted Cool

Fun game! Takes me back to being a kid. I hope you add encounters with the Pirates while sailing. Perhaps a trip to the Roman Coliseum in the future too! Asterix had many adventures. Keep up the good work! Fabulous!

So much fun! I've been playing steadily for over a month now and I really enjoy it. The game has many facets that help combat boredom on the toilet! Download today! Flawless

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