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It's nice a lot of people are complaining about the "food shortage" but I feel it just adds to the strategy part of the game wow lol

Amazing game...too gud..the egyptian landscape seems to have a bug and cant see any buildings, farms or animals...keep up the great work and hope the bug is fixed...also pls provide more chance for food and other rare items to get.. 5 star

I love this gane. Loved asterix comics when I was a kid and the game is true to this concept. Easy to catch on to. Just wow

Flax, parsley, beetroots, coal, salt... etc So many items needed every day but cannot get enough of. Also how many times do i have to rebuild Cleopatra's palace. Iv lost count...4 i think so far. Good game but losing interest... Fantastic

It's a good fun game & as I have played Asterix&Obelisk games before on the PC & console it's very good. Go well

I enjoyed the stories of Asterix & friends, so I can find amusement with this game... Worth a go!

If food issue is not resolved. Game will become unplayable. In basic a nice game. The progress is driven on food gathering. So no food no progress no fun. Great!

Always enjoyed reading the comics on Asterix and friends, now we can become part of the story and kick the Roman's butts!! Well done!!

Cant play alexandria stage as game crash all the time while trying to play that stage Recommend

Good fun game. But sooooooo slow progressing if you don't pay. You use food to do just about everything. Food is built up realllly slow. Perfect!

Good but you always run out of food! A good game but not overly fast paced due to constantly running out of food! Still a good game to play, leave and come back to work no time pressure and have fond reminisces of childhood Works perfectly

Loved this. Not boring as some of game. A lot of job to do while waiting other to finish construction. However need a fix on free helmet, do download few app for free helmet however unable to get free item Superb!

Very playable If your a fan of asterix you will probably like this. Your average village builder with your favorite characters. Can be a bit leggy but it's not bad. Altogether a good game Recommend

Awsome game love playing it though it would be great if when you knock out a patrol you got the helmets from all the leigons who were there e.g 10 leigonairs 10 helmets like in the books Perfect!

Good game..... however It does need to have more ways to get food and helmets as you're constantly battling Romans and quickly using both food and helmets just to keep up. Maybe give food and helmets as a reward of done quests Fantastic

Very Cool Take this from someone that got bored with Clash of clans at level 10. It is fun it is different in a way than the other games. It is a bit more interactive think about this game as a mix of Clash of Clans and Rust in a way Well done!!

Good for reliving past memories but... I guess the majority of people who downloaded this app did so based on their love for the comic books and they are not the only ones. However i agree with the others that it is quite expensive to play if you want to progress and upgrade or train the characters. Also clearer hints or help should be accessible for how to gather certain items. At least when you need a certain item for an upgrade you click on it and it tells you what it is and how to obtain more. And yes too many Romans. Worth a go!

just saying this game brings back memories .. love the clash of clans feeling but yet they don't desroy your whole town every 5 min .. a lot more peaceful and more casual gamers who don't want their donkeys kicked by the legend27 Worth it!

Loove Love this game but every time I try to watch the video for free food it completely freezes my phone and I never get the food. Please fix!!!!! Omg

Engaging lots of fun and love the fact I can play with friends as part of my guild. Marvelous

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