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This game is challenging and fun so much to do and so rewarding for effort put in to it Brilliant

Price for some item in the shop is ridiculous higher, and some basic material is hard to get. You need used up almost 30 energy to just get 2-3 flax from farm..if you lucky enough Cool

Keeps saying to many people but now working but keeps going to the home screen sorry but I have to uninstall Enjoy it!

Serious Food Issue Food resource income way too slow! Even when hunting bores and fishing I'm still struggling. Please change it! Awesome

Loved from the very beginning! The character's mean the most to me from way back watching the movie ( must see) and I enjoy the battle and combat and survival formate of this game, thanks for it! Marvelous

Refreshing Having read Asterix books growing up, it is very refreshing to play this game. The comic nature of this game often times gives off the vibe of actually being an Asterix adventure. I would have loved this game even more had it contained other traditional characters such as Cacofonix, Vitalstatistix, Unhygienix and Geriatrix. Works great

Frustrating. I've been playing a little while, and feels like I'm not getting anywhere. Far worse than other similar games like Minion Paradise. Also, I've twice completed the stupid Obelix 20 snowballs quest only for him to sod off. Its kinda fun but would not recommend. Must have

Too expensive! I'd love to rate this game higher, but the simple fact is there is such a thing as making a game just too expensive to play and enjoy. And this is it. And if you are not willing to pay the exorbitant in-app purchase prices to have a change of advancing in the game, it gets tedious and drawn out to the point you get bored out of playing it. Which is sad since at the beginning it was quite fun. Omg

Great game Took me a while to get into it but love plenty to do as well as kicking some Romans backside Flawless

Food shortages! Like many here I think a very good game is severely handicapped by a lack of food. Also, the in-game purchases are ridiculously expensive for what you get Muito bom!

I like the game..I really do but food is hard to come by, drop rates on needed items are ridiculous and progress is virtually impossible because you spend all day beating soldiers and places on the map, turn off the game to go to bed and the next day everything you did the day before is undone and you gotta do it all over again! Bs im going to end up deleting Game because of this! Cool

Price for some item in the shop is ridiculous higher, and some basic material is hard to get. You need used up almost 30 energy to just get 4 flax from farm. Great job

Fun enough, but cannot disable the notifications. I blocked them but they still make my screen randomly light up. Good

Salt and coal are a pain to find at the moment. The game keeps shutting down. So much that I can't play Amazing!

The game is fun and brings many fond memories of reading the books as a child but food is way too hard to get as well as Roman helmets seeing as they are used for currency and energy, it makes the game far too limited love it

Easy to play, takes time to lean but when you get used to it it's fine. The app is free so give it a go you have nothing to loose. Worth it!

Agree with other comments regarding lack of food unless you pay for more apart from that great game Highly Recommend.

Absolutely brilliant and very addictive. Even the characters look like the original cartoons. Pretty good

Lost all my data after updating Android. I'm not on Facebook,and it doesn't link to Android account. Fabulous!

Good game but run out of food to quickly and not enough food around to replenish store. Brilliant

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