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I like the game but the Item requirements are way to high going up after level 16. I remember why I quit the game the first time, I feel it again, the excruciating high Item requirements. love it

Not enough information about how to strengthen and aquire villagers or building houses . There ought to be an accessible game help section . Without knowing what to do, the game becomes just a 'click' excersise and consequently rather boring . The hints at the beginning were not comprehensive enough . Worth a go!

It's very unstable game...Game often stucked on launching.. Otherwise it's fun playing when it works.. Must have

This is one of the best games ever !!! Its bast on my favorite comic book series. BEST GAME EVER Worth it!

Great game, only two shortfalls One: the videos for double login bonus either crash the game or dont give thd double bonus Two: after update game crashes occasionaly for no reason and almost always when try to open bonus chest on the beach Brilliant

Why am I unable to watch video for double daily login bonus whenever its time to earn some Helmets? I have already missed approx 3 Times in 4 attempts and its frustrating. It works just fine for other days, isn't that suspicious? Kindly fix it asap. Marvelous

Good game. Pretty straightforward and easy to understand how to play. Pay attention to the tips when starting up so you know what else can be done in the game. Some things can be frustrating, for example the blacksmith needs coal to do almost everything there but there is no coal mine, there's an iron ore mine and coal is difficult to find sometimes. Patience is needed when playing this game. Muito bom!

Pathetic policies regarding naming use! Common man, really! Gamus maximus or new Gaul are not allowed!really pathetic Not bad

Love all that is Asterix Just wow

Best game ever I can't stop watching their movies while I play this game. Same animation from comic book graphic and beat the romans fools is a challenge to kick some ass Must have

Great game. Shame about the usual need to either wait or pay for resources. But good gameplay and graphics Must have

It's not horrible. The graphics are pleasing and gathering resources is entertaining and not an annoyance compared to similar games but a lot of items will have you scratching your head for a while. It is Plagued with crashing unfortunately. Also some parts of the ui are annoying. The way you interact with other players is fairly unique and fun but it FEELS like there aren't enough active players. Pretty much only for fans of Asterix. Flawless

Come on listen,,this game need improvement because everytime i open this game is always stop and i must repeat it to open again !! Works perfectly

This game has promise. If I keep staying interested, I'll end up changing my rating to 5 star Marvelous

Quite addictive although it does lag a bit. You have to do a lot of game play to achieve anything. But I dont mind that. Most games are to easy and therefore boring. Works great

Very nice addictive game. Having problems with messaging system. Game closes intermittently Works great

It appears that some modifications have been made to brawling system since my last review. Thank you for addressing the issues that many players were having. I have upgraded my rating fro 1 to 3 stars. There is more work to be done on this issue and i will continue to update my ratings as things change. One thing that has been bugging me in adition to this issue it that there is a sign near the merchant that reads "coming soon" it has been there for ever! Just curious when "soon" might be? Thank you for continuing to work on things. Marvelous

I want to complain about the offers of roman helmets,,i allready install and run some application but i don't get the reward od installation ? Just wow

Great game, not just for Asterix fans. It's completely free. Can't play it offline though.. Good

I love it! This is what i dreamed for when i was a kid. Thankyou for making this come true! 5 star

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