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Beautiful comic styled game. Controls can be improved. Attacks outside village are consistent Well done!!

Been reading Asterix since I was little game is fun and easy. It brings me back to my childhood. Flawless

A slow thinking game rather than a fast action game. Lots of thinking and planning with characters from the comic. If you have patience it is great. Worth a go!

Game is good...Lil addictive ...Only problem dat it doesn't start at once n hangs evan it does..Need 2-3 or more times to work it out dats frustrating... Otherwise it's fun Highly Recommend.

This game can be played on Tablet with pen. Wonderful graphic, but it is expensive... Go well

I loved asterix and friends since my childhood days... thanks for developing this game. ♡♡♡♡ Fantastic

Game often takes awhile to connect - so loads to a "frozen" screen and then takes thirty seconds or so to allow you to start playing. Is a bit repetitive and a real shame that proper use is not made of Asterix and Obelix. Worth it!

I quite enjoy this game and would probably give it a higher rating if there were some female characters as well Not bad

Being an Asterix fan since childhood, I had to try this game. I expected it to be mildly entertaining but have found myself totally addicted, playing as much as I can every day! Well done to the creators, you have done an excellent job of making a fun game of this classic comic series that is adored by so many. Works perfectly

Coming from an absolutely mad Asterix fan, the game is entertaining, game play is not bad. Takes a while to figure one or two things out for yourself, but it is generally fairly intuitive. Have had the odd crash, but all in all, stable and enjoyable. Just wow

Force out when see sponsor adv... and u make it quest with it... fix it pls... love this game.. Worth it!

Good game but Require to fix some of connection problems and others things too Must have

The best asterix and obelix game I have ever played. If u like asterix as much as I do. Download it Omg

I hate this new version. There're lots of promotions make me always lost my helmets by mistakes. I don't want to pay for any helmets so I keep saving them for about 6 months and I still can't afford a new page of the package!!! Now I lost them because the promotions and my phone can't run the new version fast . Another problem is I have to restart the game several times and watch ads almost 7 times a day to get double bonus. I don't know if this is my phone problem or is a game's bug. The ads always stuck in the middle and can't show the X. It's really sucks. Awesome

I LOVE Asterix and Obelix, this game brings back my childhood memory. To bad I couldn't seem to find info for where should I look for certain items. wow lol

ايرانيا نيستين چرا بيايين سرگرم کننده است Good

Playing this game since two months I like it, although I'd like to see more challenges. Great!

I used to read these comics while stationed in Germany. It is so awesome a game was made about it Surprisingly

Pretty good game, but the need to buy with Roman helmets is particularly frustrating as they are stupidly difficult to earn. Go well

Game is very nice. Not working smooth with Android. Please check. All over it is good. But lots of improvement can done in gameplay. Thanks team Marvelous

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