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Great game, really enjoyed playing it apart from one major problem. If you want to save your progress you must have Facebook. Without it all saved gameplay is lost if you change your device. Some people don't like Facebook and considering the current issue with it's constant breaches of data confidentiality who can blame us. Just wow

Why I can't move the apps into SD card? I've forced stop the apps & tried to move it into SD card but failed. Please help. Thanks in advance! Superb!

Other than the wheat growing incredibly slowly, don't really have any problems. It's like you can't progress at all for a day once it runs out. Perfect

The game is a bit difficult, unless one is wealthy enough to invest hard earned finances into an advantage, to advance in. But there are educational posts and the nostalgia of the comics some of us remember from our youth. Enjoy it!

Like many here I think a very good game is severely handicapped by a lack of food, certainly in the early stages. Also, the in-game purchases are ridiculously expensive for what you get. Having said that, it is a ridiculously addictive game that I have now been playing for over a year wow lol

Nice game but ingame purchases are unbelievably intrusive, if that changes thumbs up Not bad

Game can't start always connection problems Refresh. Refresh Well done!!

While capturing the spirit of Asterix some of the questing between bashing becomes a bit involved. The forced watched advertising I would trade for a straight 2 or 3 dollar purchase. The sessional going out of business micro transactions should be definable via settings. Well done!!

The sproing customer service is really good. They got back to me quickly and fixed my issue without any hassle. Omg

Loved everything about the game, until it started refreshing the second I touch the screen. Issue developed after the update on 5th December. Fantastic

Very enjoyable and fun.. Everything takes food and you cannot collect enough around you. But it is still fun. Must have

Brilliant game, village brawl algorithms dodgy and too many pop ups but all in all great game . Perfect!

The best gameplay I ever experienced in any mobile game. Get involve very early. Only download when you are ready to spend some time though. Edit .. drinking horn not working in brawls 5 star

Fun game plenty to do sometimes difficult finding all materials required to complete missions or craft things Good

Great game but make it so hard to get helmets (which are needed, have to buy them to advance in serten places) if you make them more excess able then it would be 5 star! Works perfectly

What is wrong with this game? It keeps closing and reopens and I don't even get a chance to continue playing. Delete this game from play store and I won't recommend anybody to download the game. Just wow

I really like this game and have played it now for a couple of months. But a glitch occurred and I reinstalled the game. But the glitch is still there. I open the game, but before I can continue with it, the screen goes white and the game closes suddenly and reopens again on its own. Fix it and I might consider to continue with the game. Until then I am deleting the game and I won't recommend this game to anybody else until you fix the bugs. Otherwise the game is great and addictive and a good time filler. Must have

I first played the game through Facebook on a PC having been an Asterisk fan many years ago. I was very pleased to find the app and whether you play this using a mobile or your PC, the game is the same on both formats, unlike other games you may play. I enjoy the simplicity of the game but on my mobile, I do find some of the scrolling around the screen a pain plus the size of the text is hard to read. Fantastic

The best gameplay I ever experienced in any mobile game. Get involve very early. Only download when you are ready to spend some time though. Great job

It's a great game. I'm a diehard fan of the asterix comic series and this game just overwhelms the spirit. Just the only one issue I have is, collection of resources is also quite slow. But overall it's a great game. Fabulous!

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