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البرنامج ده منتشر في مصر . ممكن تنزلوه بالعربي Amazing!

يحتاج بعض التحديثات حتي يجعل الاشعارات تظهر من دون الدخول اللى التطبيق Awesome

Overall it's good, but one thing. Can you make dark theme, so it can very comfortable? Fantastic

A good one for one's who. Understand... And for ones who are willing to waste their time Flawless

Could you please give users the choice to display the exact date of their answers? Over a year or about 6 months ago is too vague. Must have

My messages just disappear couldn't show anything...will anyone tell me what was that mean? Not receiving even 1 answer or message plz help me out as soon as possible wow lol

This app never upload pictures for answers or profile Can you help me to resolve this problem Marvelous

I absolutely love this app, really great society no perves so far plus you get really simple honest answers to whatever you ask Not bad

This app is so much fun and addicting to use because I can ask and answer questions to get a lot of opinions from a lot of folks and I don't even get judged at all. And you can also get many opinions and answers from a lot of people. Or you can even vent on here. Must have

I love being asked. The worst, nobody would ask me. That's why I love to answer these questions randomly :"]❤ Great!

Would be amazing if you you enable deleting notifications ( from user subscribtions or favourites) Well done!!

The app doesn't work and telling me that there's no internet connection , can you help us and fix it ? Good

Please help me , the app tell me that there is no network connection ?? Is the same happen to all my friends here , Am from libya ... Please give a correct link ,i can't live without this app Well done!!

I need a help the app is telling there's no internet connection all the time but in the reality there's a good Internet connection in my area ! Must have

please help me it is still telling me there are not internet connection i do not know whay Awesome

Well it's nice app to get to know people but there is no inbox so i really hope u guys put inbox u know after knowing someone people like to know more and can't say things in auestion so i really hope u guys put inbox msgs in this app Worth a go!

Thankyou very much for the help you gave me in your recent reply. Stay blessed and healthy and keep doing good updates over it. Surprisingly

This app is good but sorry to say its ask via shoutout functionality is too useless. Some people ask questions via shoutout are too vulgar that a shameless person could get shame from such questions. So exclude this feature from this app. Enjoy it!

حلو جداً ولكن بلاش الاعلانات الى بتبقي من تحت دى مخليه البرنامج زفت Works perfectly

The best app to beat. With questions to answer and to follow them up I what I was looking for Marvelous

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