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Nice and good game this is awesome... I wish a new update is a team battle pvp.. Battle for team mate.... 2 on 2 ..4 on 4 tnx Enjoy it!

I was play this before in java game but i cant play Resistant factions, i really love this appear in play store with more updates,thanks for Gear Game with most impresive experience to play rts in mobile ,Love it Not bad

Please fix thr e issue I'm fighting with a lower level opponent I'm level 3 but I'm fighting a level 1 opponent Great!

Cant play multiplayer game or world war. I have 1 mbps net .then why. What are requirements for it. Fabulous!

Please guys we need more units and buildings... I think hidden tesla for resistance and laser tower for confederation will ne better... and please make an update soon with sometimes new... Highly Recommend.

This game is the awesome game of all time ive ever played in my life good graphics balance game and just awesome but why just four star because some missions i can't three star so i can open it and in multiplayer some times laggy because of connection but this is awesome game just fix the mission so i can get more buildings troops and etc Cool

I wonder how this best rts game is not most popular game in the world,,,(better than coc) .. I think every players including game makers should advertise this game as much as they can... Go well

лучшая RTS да и вообще стратегия на телефон которая когда-либо появлялась. Не без минусов конечно, но без них не бывает. А так это ШЕДЕВР!!! Worth a go!

Just love this game... can you make some match againts computer? Where all buildings are unlocked... like skirmish game... Works perfectly

Can you add offline mode that can be play in anytime anywhere.put some also skirmish mode.i will rate 4 you deserve it Cool

I can't open the airfield level 2 even after I've beaten the 22nd level, can you fix This? I'd like to play with Air strikes soon, thanks. Well done!!

Played it for 3 days now. Has a very nice old school RTS feel to it. Nice simple interface. Battles between 10 and 45min. Overall very good Game! Congrats! love it

It's perfect but it costs a lot of data.Please fix it.Otherwise every thing is fine. Brilliant

Right-o, new suggestions, I'd like to be able to get an engineer unit to be able to capture enemy facilities so I can toy with both resistance and Confederation technology, other than that it's a fantastic game Perfect

Very good. The best android rts. I love the gameplay. Im waiting for the sequel Not bad

Everything is perfect but... Cant play with data and weak costs lot of data and from wifi also ( about (70 kb/s). Weak wifi cant afford the pvp background data is restricted and promo video is also not opened but also data is lost badly .. When I open app ,upto some minutes data is received badly then after some time data is received less...But from time of loading to about 5 min data and weak wifi cant afford pvp battle...plz fix this ,my humble request to u ..make data consume rate like coc,clash royale etc...otherwise perfect app Enjoy it!

Good game. I await for future upgrades and add-ons into the game. Great game when you're bored and doing nothing on your spare time. Worth a go!

I only get 33% win without buy something.I always found higth level enemy verry difficult to win Flawless

Best rts game on android, fell like playing on high end pc, i advise to next update please give some cinegraphic movie it will be nice Superb!

Great RTS game On Android. Its Very Good but can I suggest You guys To Balance the waiting times of upgrading? Its Too Long And You can Only Upgrade Once Unless You spend Money, Otherwise A great Game :D Marvelous

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