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Like this game very much, this game like strategy game on PC but on android version.. keep up the good work. Fantastic

Make the infantry more detailed they look like sticks not human. Graphics improvement. Create more kinds of units infantry. The units are so few. Create another factions like terrorist faction or GLA. and communist faction like north korea. But still this is my favorite rts game. Perfect

Game like KKND red alert. Really appriacte this game. Thanks. Please discount the packs i would spend a dollar or two Flawless

Loved it! It is a good thing you made the game like red alert and command and conquerer. I have played those games. Just improve the connectivity when playing PVP. Equalize the two factions. The campaign is very different from PVP, the techniques and everything. Please improve this. Will appreciate it, thank you! Perfect

good game but i still love the features of red alert 1. they have a lot of choices in tanks, they have skirmish. radar system that can see the whole map, tesla coil etc. no limits in troops, harvester. i hope you can do more in your game. Flawless

Kinda nostalgic. I used to play Red Alert, Yuri's Revenge and Generals back then with my childhood friends. This game reminds me of the joyful old days. Super like it! Surprisingly

I hope they would add more team like another team which is an ally of the confederation or the resistance.They should also add skirmish Good

Game of a game love it but main menu upgrade menu is pretty confused should make it easier and also so many upgrades love it

Very excellent game I ever seen..good feature,good graphic and etc...god bless this game..luv u all thanx. Muito bom!

Please create a world war with 4 types of army's in a single would be more fun. Is it possible to view the war from every single unit? This things will make this game best of all time . Perfect

This is the game I've been looking for for more than 15years, now it's finally here.... ATTACK!!! Surprisingly

I love this game.. I already play "Art of war 2" in my Java Mob. bt this Art of war 3 like same bt Awesome... Highly Recommend.

This is far more the best rts games i've ever played in mobile. Edit: After a long playable session, by far the problems is the balance between both faction. I admit, the confederation faction is more stronger (op) than the rebellion. Its unfair because rebellion keeps loosing because of the Confederation infantry. In the first minute they spam infantry into my base and completely destroyed my HQ. Its only been like 3 mins and then they spawn in the rhino destroying my troops that are tryintg hardly to defend the base. Im so disappointed that the game is unbalanced. I hope they change that. Highly Recommend.

Awsome game like generals but pls add more vehicles, troops, defence's, itc. Keep up the good work and also add skirmish like red alert Good

Reminds me of my beloved Red Alert 2! Upgrade times should be shortened though. And the maps could use more variety. Superb!

You have give confederation army a satellite strike building and resistance a nuclear missile building for attack but what about defence from this attack I suggest that confederation headquarter should create a temporary energy sheild to all buildings from all attack and stop all units to get inside sheild you can give resistance also some type of defence. believe me everyone will love this temporary defence system Superb!

Fix this issue of crashing, im unable to play due this problem, I also restarted the game several times but unable to solve the problem.. Plz fix this problem Great!

Неплохо,в начале...Но слишком дизбалансные бои,развитие,бонусы и т.д.Проще говоря,заплати и победи,даже хуже чем во второй части игры. Worth it!

Hey I m stucked in misson united States misson 26.there is a secondry objective to construct 5 air defence tower.air difence tower is not in my inventory its locked plz help me Fantastic

Hade pisan yeu game, bener bener ngasah otak jeung kadang poho kana waktu lamun meunang misi hese jeung lawan nu jago... Works great

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