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Nice game, ive waited so long for this kind of game like red alert.. keep it up one thing is that its hard to find a match at pvp plss fix it tnx.. Marvelous

Very nice game ever. Can you make a laser tower and tank, tomahawk missile tank, super overlord tank like in C&C Generals? Great job

I'm expecting great things from this game because I downloaded just now. I see alot of comments saying about that one faction is a tad bit OP but I can manage that anyways I think your game is great judging from reviews I hope I won't be dissapointed but I know I won't Great!

Please update one more feature. I want to play world war in team means four players can fight in one battle. Like- blue team and green team Vs red team and yellow team in one battle. Good

Played art of war on my nokia was the only strategy game i loved on a mobile.i was amazed that this game is on android and by same devs"Gear Games". Good

It's time killing game but I like it coz I was also played art of war 2 on Nokia 5233 in 2010 Amazing!

Great game but the only problem is the balance between the faction. Confederation is stronger than the resistance. I hope you can fix it . Muito bom!

Its stopped sometime.. cause of my defeat shouldn't download the add when playing Pretty good

Let us talk to the enemy in pvp to have some nice chat of course censore the bad langauge because that will cause some arguments Highly Recommend.

I would give 5 stars if this game could play in offline for Story mode and Skrimish mode, in skrimisk mode you'll pick A.I dificulties, And try to add survival or zombie mode in online so that the game will be unique Hopping it would be play in offline so that even when theres no wifi or data you can play it... I play this before in Old phone like nokia 3300k and this was really exelent RTS game in Mobile so pls make a offline.. Not bad

very good rts.. reminds me of red alert n generals zero hour.. no other game similar to this game.. well made developer.. good job 5 star

Wow.... Wow.... Wow.... This game is very addictive game I have ever played, overall is perfect actually what I need is inside the war I can command every thing I can make it easier if think very fast and way out thank you very much for game please update more air unit and water Flawless

Great game great graphics... pliss upgrade the money..I want same as C&C General or RED ALERT... I hope have some transport to collect the need wait too long... Perfect!

Most amazing rts game on android Please add function to battle friends and not just some random people Awesome

The gameplay is good but choosing the opponent in the player vs player battle should be improved. Because the pvp battle is not only about defense its about offense too . Most of the times me and my friend get the some opponent who have better enemy. So choose the opponent according to defense and offense not only to defense. Omg

Please remove satellite launch and nuclear missile its boring when game gets to that level Brilliant

Game like KKND red alert. Really appriacte this game. Thanks. Please discount the packs i would spend a dollar or two. Everytime i minimize the game my phone closes it. So i need to restart the game everytime i go to home screen. Please fix it Fantastic

Best war game i've ever played! End of talk. Though i suggest to have the game connected to social media account to save progress and continue playing it on other device, also, please upgrade game where player can choose a specific player (like a friend) to do battles, so we may share it with others too. ;) 5 star

Billion in one very slow money शनीदेव आपका हमेशा कल्याण करे Awesome

Awesome Game, True RTS on Mobile, I was searching for ages, I wish at least the Campaign mission could be Offline, please and Add some more Unit like: War Mech Robot with Fraction specific ability, Submarine with submerge ability, Aircraft Carrier, etc. More Buildings like: Robot Factory, Satellite to See Full Map Activity of enemy with Notifications, Nuclear Silos which Launch ICBM on enemy base, etc. And Once more we love you for this Game Marvelous

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