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For those who loved Red Alert/Yuri's Revenge from the old days this for you guys. I suggest you guys change the icon of this app for more attraction. An icon that when you see it you will remember this wonderful game from yours , i am sorry for my english :) but anyway Good job Gear Games! Cheers! Just wow

Please add skirmish mode where we can get a few $ in respectively difficulty + to training or dont have enough time to play online(AI : Easy, Medium, Hard, Brutal). Hopefully there'r 3v3 with larger maps (online or with bots or bots coop(with friend against bot)). And please make infanty unit graphic bigger, it hardly noticed on small phone. This is the best RTS for mobile! Surprisingly

I don't think that This game can be Beaten by other Strategic Games, because this is a very unique Concept, I loved it and Waited for this Kind of Game, Other than the Clash of Kings Concept that Sucks, I Suggest also if you could make Skirmish Mode, so We can Try Different Tactics without Missions and Objectives Just wow

this game is the BEST! all units are under my control, just like starcraft. the control is nice too. i've got some suggestion like limiting supply depot or adding capture the flag that gives resource bonus at pvp, recently i saw my friends are having difficulty pvp because it end up too long for match (30-90 min.). maybe u guys can adjust it so the game can be more fast paced. Enjoy it!

oh my god... awesome men, u guys make my dream come true. i m a hardcore gamer and i played most strategy games on pc but believe me this game is (no word). if u looking for age of empires and redalert type game then u will love it. wish i could give it 10 star. Muito bom!

This game is exellent and love it!!!! It is like a world war with colors in it and also add lan game so we can fight with my siblings and my cousins.:))))))) Good

Loved it! It is a good thing you made the game like red alert and command and conquerer. I have played those games. Just improve the connectivity when playing PVP. Equalize the two factions. The campaign is very different from PVP, the techniques and everything. Please improve this. Will appreciate it, thank you! Update this game rugularly please. Superb!

Whoa on first look it's ok but in game you brought back memories of red alert. I'm glad this is the only game with the feel of RTS plus factions are very intriguing. THE CONFEDERATION (WITH FUTURISTIC AND USEFUL TECHNOLOGY) VS THE RESISTANCE(HARNESSING OLD TACTICS WHICH ARE REALLY EFFECTIVE IN COMBAT). Yeah thats what I want.But there some things needed to be improved. The maps should be enlarged. The grammar must be corrected. There should be a third faction which make this game out of this world. And PLS add some more units or troops for both factions. Otherwise a excellent game in my point of view. BTW pls update as soon as possible I'm begging you too...... Well done!!

Confederates hold advantage in terms of tank warfare, mass use the Zeus tanks and you are invincible, Go well

Well ok if you say so at least I can take comfort in the fact you guys actually reply to reviews unlike other game developers. Worth it!

Great game. Wish more people played match making can be a long process for PvP. Adding a skirmish mode that you could play vs computers would enhance the game experience 10 fold. Its one of the only reasons I give it a 4 instead of 5 stars. Omg

Cool game but you gotta fix that pvp match making especially if the enemy has air strikes and is too OP! Pretty good

Do not take my words lightly. If you want this game to be more popular. Add more strategy items , and importantly time consuming, or lengthy. 5 star

I played 3 kind of same place, same gadget, same operator.. 1st game : final fantasy.. it was runing well, 2nd game : the sims.. it was runing well too, 3rd game : art of was terible, lag a lot, slow motion.. it is good game with worst server.. Just wow

Highly reccomended.Very good game im addicted to this kind of game. Just like red alert and command and conquer. Its fun and enjoyable. You should have a good tactical move to win. Wrong move you lost. Very good developer. Thumbs up wow lol

I love this game but the AI doesn't follow the order once it's locked to a target, and if selection of map could be done manually that would be great and how come infantry travels faster than a vehicle, overall this game reminds me of PC RTS games, thank you Surprisingly

Billion in one very slow resources शनीदेव आपका हमेशा कल्याण करे Perfect

Loved the game thanks gear games to bring this game to android i had player art of war 2 global confredation and liberation of peru in java phones and i search this game for android but i cannot find it but now i got this game thankss very much for bringing this to android platform Highly Recommend.

okay...back to 4⭐ because i liked the game. I've lost my account and progress and didnt recover.That bumped you down a star. Anyway i dont mind starting all over again. By the way, can you please add a mode where we can play with friends or local console via bluetooth or wifi(or whatever way which makes it possible) like AoW: Liberation of peru in the old Nokia.It so much more fun when playing with friends and if you make it possible, i believe it will the game a whole lot more interesting and attracts many more players Just wow

I must say I was not dissappointed when I played the game. The only thing I don't like is probably the upgrade time for HQ lvl.4 but it did give me reason to play the confederation. My opponents for me is a tad bit too weak. Its always the same thing I produce 5 coyotes and the enemy has still assaults. Just a suggestion could you please make videos in the game as somewhat a tutorial on different tactics like how to prepare before a rush attack also it would be fun for a 2v2 Well done!!

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