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Great game but can you add co-op battles? It will be more fun than the usual 1VS1 pvp mode wow lol


very addictive always play 24/7 but not balance other side so stronge than me im Fabulous!

I used to play Java version of this game on my Android mobile. Now i found it here thank you very much gear games Fantastic

Grtt game good graphics,good time pass u people shld try out it is a strategy play...... Amazing!

Why i cant just build anywhere around the map, i mean the given space is too small Omg

BEST MOBILE GAMES—Great game, good job Gear Games! This game is clearly a cut above the rest in RTS gaming. I can safely say better than 99% of mobile games out... Awesome

Guys this game is awesome but in your Java version one features was that's to play with your friends by blouttoh so plz in this version also do that Worth it!

The game is so so soooooo... GREAT but I had a battle (by the way I'm in the resistance faction) he/she used an war airplane and that think need to be "NERF" THAT thing down because four of them can destroy two or more buildings so please "NERF" the war planes(not the resistance war plane but the other one) please NERF or lower the damage or be expensive or anything you can do on the war planes please make a balance change to the war planes. - love, a fan of your game PLEASE "NERF" THE THING DOWN TO THE GROUND Perfect!

Please!!please... do some balancing things in this game....please balance confederation...because..rebels have mines and we have mine sweeper it's soo hard to Remove such mines...too long time...and torrents have 10 range and rebel's artillery has 14 range this isn't good for battles...but I I love this game sooo much..please balance ..reply me what ever you balanced please.......more players like me get irritated...air defence is great in rebels and rebel's helicopter can even fire missles...but cyclones are weak bullet damage... rebel's air defence (porcupine) is too strong ....plz.plz.plz.plz.plz.plz.plz.i am begging u to balance a lot in this game Just wow

hey dey. its a good game but 2 days ago i bought the starter pack and i supposed to get google credit each day. but i didnt get it on second day. Just wow

Great game. I always support your Art Of War game. Art of war 1 2 and now is online art of war 3. But it's ok. Best game Must have

Hello, I really got addicted to the game, me and my friends wants a suggestion I hope you might like it, can make the map bigger, and can you add another faction and please just please, after you make the map bigger, can you add 2 v 2 pvp system and 3 v 3 pvp system. Go well

Totally unfair. Majority of resistance units can attack air units and only few confederation units can attack air that consumes cp and air defences on the other hand resistance grow quickly as compare to confederation i.e their units cost and training time is less Marvelous

Maybe the other could judge the game. I'm not good at that. For me its a really nice game. If they judge this, tell them its hard to program a game. Highly Recommend.

I remember when I played the first and the second AOW,a lots of thing changes but still have the same vibe from the Global Confederation, I love the gameplay,I love the unit's although some of them is clumsy when being directed, I want skirmish to be added in the game or is it already available? Let me know Comrades It's good to be back at this game Brilliant

One of the best strategy game I've ever played. Would be greatest ever if u add a skirmish mode too. Really hoping for it. Recommend

Do not take my words lightly. If you want this game to be more popular. Add more strategy items , and importantly time consuming, or lengthy. And make it 2 vs 2 player Well done!!

Great game..a great time killer. But it's very laggy. Hope you do something about it or i many players like me will quit Brilliant

I love it. Amazing!

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