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Wow love this game a lot,but i wish there was custom mode too and even 1 player in skirmish mode,so i could enjoy playing more Omg

Sometimes it sounds turn off automatically .. I hate it.. because i need go to the setting back to turn on the sound Muito bom!

More like red alert.. nice neat game, but can hear games add more upgradable vehicle or tanks to make it more intense and lower the upgrading time for the buildings.. all in all great.. great work Gear Games Works great

I pretty love this game.. but have no idea, why the creator made blue units are always more stronger than red one. Even in any level.. if both of their power are equal, it'll be more interest.. Highly Recommend.

Really addictive game. I don't think so before if this game might very interesting like this. OH! SO SORRY I REALLY ADDICTED IN THIS GAME THNK Q... Muito bom!

Dear developers,the game is wonderful but we can not play it without internet connection.I would be very pleased if you kindly create another version which one can be played without internet connection.I love GEAR GAMES for this game.Wonderful graphics and game controls.Thanks a lot. Please repply. Works great

Could add some track and improve the grapich like it and dont keep apart the soilder or troops so they can save much space Omg

Awesome RTS. The genre might be dead in pc/consolez now a days, glad to see its now being integrated into the mobile platform. Hope you guys can make the game more friendly to everyone Worth a go!

Please add a option to exclude deputy from clan by leader. I means i make a person as a deputy but I am not able to make him undeputy or lower rank or remove him. Just wow

Full on 5/5 Stars! Best RTS game ever. It reminded me of... Red Alert 2. Not boring, worth playing, Easy rules and Epic ways to win or dominate (or lose). Such a success rts game! 1 thing i wished is a new Units like a hero or a special troops or a boss, with all of the implemented 10/5 Stars if i could. ;) Awesome

Awesome game but there is problem it says server is temporary unavailable cscconnecrionnotestablished while I keep my internet running Not bad

Super Loved this Game… Very Unique, Real Time Strategy, Easy Controls, I Hope You Could Make 3v3 PvP With Many Factions That We Can Enjoy More A lot… You Guys Really Deserve 10 Stars for Me… For Making this Unique Game for the Community… and for the Future Players… Superb!

I love this game... But I think you need to update this game... Can you make 2vs2 pvp online match Worth a go!

Billion in one very slow resources शनीदेव आपका हमेशा कल्याण करे server temporary unavailable what superpower weapon comonder rank mad makes games Enjoy it!

The only true rts on android. Absolutely love this game. My only complaint is that the logo sucks! and keep updating the game. Marvelous

The game in very good but it much better if a infantry can ride but thanks to the game I love it so much Just wow

Jaguar power and hp should be equal to zeus. Or jagur armor should be equal to it's on siege mode even march mode. This is what i think whole 1 year of playing. Enjoy it!

No daily reward.. and u have to improve the upgrading system.. make it like.. we can upgrade our units and our building at the same time.. without using the pack. Great job

I am a big RTS fan, and I have to say that this is the single GREATEST RTS on mobile. I absolutely LOVE it, the only thing that is bugging me is some grammatical and spelling errors with the dialogs in the campaign which is to me a real turn off. But besides that its a solid game for me. **Thank you Gear Games for replying and to let me know that you guys are working hard to improve the game. Really appreciate it, 5 stars from me. Good

Loved it! REGULARLY UPDATE THE GAME. I have played those games. Just improve the connectivity when playing PVP. Equalize the two factions. The campaign is very different from PVP, the techniques and everything. Please improve this. Will appreciate it, thank you! Update this game rugularly please. Works perfectly

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