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Definitely the real RTS on android. This game is very good for you that love RTS game, but you can't play this game offline. Please, i hope you add offline mode in the future. Works great

We just need an offline mode with AI for those who just want to practice strategies other than that i love this game.big up to the crew Brilliant

Great game, but can you please add custom matchmaking system, so i could battle my friends/clanmates? And a teamplay pvp battle would be nice Muito bom!

I like it but.... the mission start difficult are Russian while the camera rotation disturb me while i'm zoom in. Please fix this in next update but i do have recommend you guys should to put camera icon on it. Perfect!

VERY GOOD GAME BUT I cant use it via data as it cost very much by promo video, graphics etc Plz make it cheap so that I can play p vs p battle using less data(2g) without watching video Cool

Can the campaign be played offline... so we can save more data to play on pvp pls Great!

I love art of war, when I was 12y.o I played aow 1&2 on my nokia lol, now I it's getting much much better in android version ! thanx dev Great!

спасибо за такую игру, ребят. вы лучшие ещё со времён ява звонилок и эпохи симбиан, прошел первые две игры уже давно и эту прохожу с удовольствием. Fabulous!

its a best game but need to play without pvp batle...its more better to play without that pvp Good

It's was, is and will be best game ever in mobile in any platform. ONLY ONE REQUEST.....I can't play this game by using data because using 2g in my mobile shows slow connection. And by 3g 4G it costs very much. It also require very good wifi connection.plz fix this. Make it a bit cheaper like clash of clans or clash royale so that we can play anywhere using data Marvelous

Best game i ever played and already played art of war 2 Please add offline mode Omg

1. Game chiến thuật thời gian thực tuyệt vời . 2Cần bổ xung thêm chế độ tạo phòng solo để thách đấu với nhau. Cool

Great game,i loved art of war 2 back in the day. 2 vs 2 battles would be great. Overall vary fun game love it

Good game , good graphics, good control and very fun..... you can make pvp battles and you can upgrade tower. So, can you update 2v2 battles. Because my friends want to play with me.Can you update ,please.I hope this will be alot players....... SO FUN. Good

I played art art of war 2 long time since 2009...nlw it is the age of aow3...i am enjoying the game very much...but i have some suggetions for should rearrange the boost can remove the boost of is harrazing for most of the player i cu can also change wow lol

Toop and lovely game in world Pls aded new troops for red team tank you gear games Omg

Good graphics... Good controls.... Need new maps badly. Expect better controls and units. Rather have 3 to 6 PvP players as world war factions. Need another faction for world dominion. love it

Sometimes I receive a call during a battle. Thats Ok. But when I return to game I have to wait for almost half the time I have played. And I'd see lose before my eye. Plzz fix it... Perfect!

Great game but ALL units are range units so there should be a new barracks or something that train close combat with no range units. That have high hp and armor to take all damage from enemy. And pvp battle should also be 2 vs 2 battle that will be fun. Great!

Oh this game is very fun.i love this game so mush.because I ever play art of war 2 and now is art of war 3. Some misson is very hard but I'm try to play it tobe win . Because I'm fan this game. I love this game. Surprisingly

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