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From AoW 2 in my java phone and now i meet AoW 3 with much feature and new gameplay from turn based strategy and now real time strategy with many new vechile Not bad

I always wonder if yuri's revenge and command and conquer could be in android and cellphone version...when i see this game last time, i saved this on my wishlist even though this was not available then in the Philippines...then finally, this had made available in our country and i downloaded it and I really appreciate this game.... Not bad

this game is have some problem I cant play game beacuse have problem but this game have a good graphics and this game is not hard but normal. please please please read this Works perfectly

Since the art of war in java games to android.. I'm a big fan of your games. This is the best rts game for android.. Recommended... Thank you developer & more power on your game!!! Amazing!

I love this game, I installed it yesterday and it was way to fun. I've played quite few rts games like Ra3 Cnc but for mobile this is the game! Anyway u should add more options like garison in building and add engineers since they can repair or capture instantly it would be nice..tq for such great game! Just wow

Played it a while now, and still havent found any bug. The only complaint i have is that we have to real cash to have an advantage over the enemy. Brilliant

AWESOME game .Better than coc or cr and any other games of the same genre a big salute to the developers Superb!

Its great game. But when is the next version going to be released? I mean the campaign one. Well done!!

This is far more the best rts games i've ever played in mobile. I love art of war since the first release. Gear games has made mobile rts games more like in most rts on pc. Good work guys. I'll keep on supporting you guys. 5 star

I've always love this game since the art of war in java games. No comment, no problem...(waiting for the new, latest games from Gear Games) Flawless

OMG! I can't belive this... I was playing this game and was addicted on my phone NOKIA 3110c around more than seven years ago. I was oftenly sometimes searching this game on Play Store too. And now I got it finally...but I am sad too because it needs Internet data to play Worth a go!

Its a very good game i spend money on it because i think it is worth it i rate 4 stars because of the imbalance for the confederation where on average to high rank confeds produce zeus and is unstoppable for only 4 cp and it is really bothering us the resistance due to this i give 4 stars but all in all very good game i love it please dear developers make some changes not only to zeus also to other units of confeds are imbalanced i love the game but i know its not yet perfect please fix this dear developers -E.S.B.G Tracie Great job

really a reborn of old Art of war & like dream back.. I use to play AOW&2 on Nokia 5130.. now it came back.. Can you guys make this game play offline went no internet hate to lose the battle.. this game is the best i play before i got my first Iphone.. hope you guys read this Fabulous!

I played this game on java phone and I am a big fan of this I am too much happy that iI can play it on Android...good graphics,gameplay and matchmaking system...thas why I giving you 5 stars...but we want more units,building and many more new...please do it as soon as possible...thanks in advance wow lol

V good graphics n to much options to paying in this game. snipers, tank, naval n much more. .. Omg

One word..... I am in love with this game. Why don't you guys make a game with same concept of kings period battle stratagy 5 star

I like it but.... funny things that there's no aircraft carrier in these 2 faction. Worth it!

My favourite game on my old phone nokia e72 but in android just have one problem this game contain adware (chartboost) please remove Good

i think this is a great game, it looks like the little command and conquer game but in phone version. Nice,keep it up. Pretty good

THIS IS THE best rts game I ever played. Keep up the good work gear games. And im waiting for another update. Superb!

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