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Congratulations GAME MEKERS, This game is really AWESOME and Very ADDICTIVE , But it's still problem for loading, But I really like It. And more UPDEATS ARE REQUIREDED TO ManY NEW FEATURES. Please add on "NEUCLIAR WARFAIR". Please add new UPDEATS or TROOPS. Omg

This really reminds me the game of WARZONE 2100 one of best strategy game and other one DUNE. This one is real combination of far loving this game Great!

Except for the crashes, the game is completely awesome; I'm a fan of Red Alert series and this fulfilled the apetite somehow for sometime. Will play again if they improve the stability and simplify upgradation. Great job

Favorite game of my life 100% Real RTS gameplay with real friend to friend multi play world best game. I am playing that since 2011 via java or symbian platform and waiting for real android version. Accoually I am bigger fan of Art of war global confederation and liberation war of Peru. Especially I am saying thank you and wish to my favorite gear game ltd for there another great job. Awesome

I formerly loved "Art of War 2" in older version. This is the now latest modern version of that old game named "Art of War 3". I loved this game. This is my favorite game till now. Pretty good

This is the first time i have given review till now. I know this is the ultimate game but still i havent given 5 star bcoz whenever i play PvP opponent always has higher level vehicles than me. For exp in last match he had jet fighters and i build an airport but couldnt produce plane so i literary quit the game kindly guide me or do something about it Omg

ah... this game is good but it takes mostly my time for waiting my money to upgrade my units and buildings when I reached 11 lvl then I have no $$$ to make upgrades so I can't play pvp battles so that is annoying. Secondly I have paid in my red team account but when I reset blue profile then I have lost all my efforts, upgrades and $$$$ too. that makes me upset. Superb!

Excellent game, but I am not able to receive my free chests. Due to which I am not able to complete my daily tasks due to shortage of credits and medals. Please see to it. Works perfectly

It's a awesome.... so intreasted but please create a offline game... because maximum time we face defeat on internet problem... so please create offline game... and mobile was hanged game... starting position.... building creation time....... Recommend

I really appreciate the game. It reminds me of childhood pc games.. The advance upgrades requires 2-3days some times which is actually kind of acceptable if I'm not going to pay, then I will have to wait for what it's worth! Right? Really thinking of buying the paid version! The developers gotta eat right? It's match up is pretty much fair since you gotta upgrade your troops and base to give a legit battle with the same ranked players! The game is very very challenging some times which I really love. Gamers don't play for it to be easy! Only issues I have with the game is that it is very time consuming and it takes up a lotta time of my day! But that's what it was meant to! Right? I'm thinking of unstalliing it though or I'll be a war hero some day!! Loved it! Loved it!! Thank you :) 5 star

Very nice & real game to play i love to play it again and again but it gives bad experience when network is giving good speed on net but game says that unstable Internet connection and game searching for net and paused..... Anyhow Game is very good Surprisingly

Nice one, my childhood got the new version. For next improvements I would like 2 vs 2 update. I tried to search any free RTS like this on pc, but never find it. Most of it is a pay to play games. This game is very good from many aspects, you are not forced to watch adds, for the pvp, if the connection down, you can reconnect it like it was nothing. Controls is awesome for touchscreen, and upgrade system seems fair. I was playing C&C generals zero hour, but it is p2p game and there is no upgrade system like this. Campaign and story also awesome. For now I'll give 10/10, if there is 2 vs 2 or deathmatch 4 ppl, I'll give 100/10. Superb!

I'd give it 5 stars but the whole thing about waiting for an upgrade to happen is not working for me. It should be instant. I have loads of cash but just sitting on it because upgrades take way to long. Other then that it's not bad closest game IV played to CNC Must have

Awesome game!!! But Enemies in Co Op are very strong than us & there should be a PVP with AI so that we can practice without other online players. Must have

Congratulations GAME MEKERS, This game is really AWESOME and Very ADDICTIVE , But it's still problem for loading, But I really like It. And more UPDEATS ARE REQUIREDED TO ManY NEW FEATURES. Please add on "NEUCLIAR WARFAIR". ☸️☸️THANKS ☸️☸️ 5 star

Greatest game on phone. But right now, I cant open the app. It says server is down. Is that real or theres something wrong with my phone?? Perfect

Love the game but could it be a separate type like online and offline that's all and add more different types of buildings, troops, and vehicles to the game. The graphics is great but needs more improvements thanks for producing this game GearGames enjoying it. add missions in the air so it will be so cool to play. adding more ships and planes will be so cool to watch them on the sea and in the sky fighting and blowing ships and jets. If you guys add this things don't forget to add submarines. The ships and planes must have different types of each of them, just like the vehicles and troops on land. Thankyou and that's all. Enjoy it!

Wohh i want to say bravo Just wow

The units won't litsen when there's a enemy three just keep attacking they won't fall back pls fix this, this game is really good but the units they slow at following orders love it

Very good game This is the only BEST RTS Game No joke Only have small problem i saw some Russian Word when you complete the mission and i dont know what that meaning is but good game!!. Superb!

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