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Just wow

Great job

My favorite game when i was a child. (4 years ago, via java on sony ericsson mobile) Not bad

Works great


Nice game.. The only thing missing is the addtitional queue of upgrade.. One upgrade at a time take so much time.. Make it two atleast then it would be better Muito bom!


It's very good, very close to red alert 3, the game could use stuff like weather effects otherwise it's the best Amazing!



It's just too awesome. But still I gave 4 stars as it cannot be played without an internet connection, not even the single player missions and campaign. Otherwise, it's quite good.☺ Works perfectly

You guy could tell me about the final mission . how many missions in this game ? I played in 50 missions and cannot play more stages . Great job

Thanks for this game I love it,its look's like a red Alert that why i love my wife hahaha.. Must have

Works perfectly

This game is so awesome now, you guys are so creative... New loading screen is awesome.. AND thanks for fixing bug in tournament ... Great work... Good

if there are some effects of weather that will be soo awesome need no campaign only need PvP and there sould be 2v2 also it will be awesome tooo Not bad

This game is awesome... But When was come of game new episode plz fast make new episode Just wow

Good but training battles should be added in which you choose map and play with ai bot Highly Recommend.

What a Great Comeback from Legendary Java Phones. Luv it! keep up :) ... I hope u can add winrate and achievement stats when viewing enemy b4 the game.. bcoz i think premiun wont be that effective enough if ur just showing avatar and current rank. tnx Great job

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