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Good game .Just one problem not much to do . go to a battle shoot a tank . that's it. Plz make it more interesting Muito bom!

The game is pretty good I urgent had any problems so far and progression is relatively quick if your smart with your money you can powerful tanks pretty quick Superb!

Can you arrange battle in a forest and don't show player icon ( hide it ) And some bigger map Worth it!

Great game..smooth graphic..if the game can play offline it will be the best fighting tank of the world.. Great!

This is awesome but need some changes in upgrade like if you upgrade the shape change to more awesome Worth it!

Wonderfullllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllĺlllllllllllll!!!!!!!.... Enjoy it!

Good control, good graphics - not good is a lot of avaible equipment only by money and no balance of players skill and tank strengness. Cool

Bad graphics. Slow controls. Sluggish game play. Oh, and the server constantly kicks you off, which counts as you "fleeing battle". What's not to like? Go well

Simple but still requires enough skill to keep it interesting, early days for me though Pretty good

Outstanding graphic for a free games, I mean, it runs perfectly. But I hope you guys can expand the area wider. Good job Pretty good

Really fun game ' and if you want to spend the odd few pounds for gold ' it can be worth it. Great job

Download the game today have to say it is a rather interesting game to play great graphics great game play I suggest download it if you're a fan of tank on tank battles Omg

At first I liked this game very well until server error connection problems got way too far out of hand. I can't recommend this game because if you purchase any items on this game you'll lose them because of sever errors. Amazing!

It's a neat game but can't figure out how some tanks can jump across the whole board while u aim at them and some tanks can do wheelies and others can go sideways and two or three tanks in one game have the same name. Just wow

What is the problem of the all fuel waste due to server problem.even i destroy 4 to 5 tanks but cause of server everthing internet works properly but it show server disconnection again and all gold and money waste Go well

It is good enjoy Armada modern tank and good people chat .i just careful. With mods ,ok ....3rd times I lost my lvl 20 again ,so I go to be play 4th again ...yesterday I lost my lvl 20 again that sad Worth it!

I had a idea. Maybe the game should also credit players inflicting damage more than the kills made. Because I feel that a player making 900 damage and 0 kills is better than the one with 100 damage made with 3 kills. Please consider. Pretty good

Good time killer but players are often mismatched and you're killed with one shot regardless of your armor. Pretty good

First Armada is an arcade game, the tank models are many and very good quality, play is simple you can use thumbs or use a keyboard and mouse for best and most fluid control. They start you out easy and work you up, the higher you get the slower you advance and much slower payouts but there are perks you can get for free like daily play bonuses, and six a day spin the wheel awards. Chat is interesting but not very useful. Support is ok but they typically answer a question with a question so it can take a while. The biggest issue is server drops and server lagg, but that is why you have an alternate game to play if Armada is acting up. Overall, you get out of it what you put into it, by that I mean don't just play it as a shootem up game, use some smarts, try different things, be unconventional, get creative and don't take it is just a game. love it

Not now I'm right in the middle of playing.bonce your used to the game it's fun. 5 star

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