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There are adds that stay there while you are shooting the bow and you have to aim in the middle and if you get between two rings it counts as the lower one I would actually give this a two star rating overall. Must have

I think it's great I'm going to ask my friends to get it and see if they can beat my scores Worth it!

It is really fun and a good time killer so if u don't have this game u need to download it. Superb!

sometimes ads gets hanged in mid of screen which interrupts the game and then we have to exit and restart again. Awesome

It's good time killer .I love this game.Please downlod this game.And give my viwev a like Muito bom!

Way too many adds. Controls are very slow to respond. Fun to play but I can't stand the adds popping up after every single round. Omg

To many ads, you automatically back out of the ads before even seeing what they are, otherwise it is a great game love it

Its a nice time passing game. Just don't like the fact that as you win an extra bow and shows you have another bow it went give it to you once you hit your count Worth a go!

If you love watching more ads then game play, and not getting any instruction.... Then this is the game for you. Fun time killer, decent game. Too many ads. Enjoy it!


It's a fun game, but there are WAY too many ads. Also the Google play banner gets stuck in the middle of the screen Go well

Way too many ads. It's a fun game but the ads are gonna force me to uninstall soon. Surprisingly

I like this game. Try this game one time then you will know that this a very nice game Brilliant

Ads stick in the middle of the screen with no option to remove or cancel. You just cant play after that. Usless Pretty good

Having fun with this nd mainly my concentration level is developing by this game .. Perfect!

After playing few time, forces to download another game..and same thing repeats the more you download and play. Without downloading new game it doesn't allow u to play further on single game Not bad

GOOD I like it it is challeging and good so it's so cool it's actually pretty cool cuz you get the pic like different like bows Not bad

This is a great little game but you guys have got to have a word with the makers of Bow masters because they are really taking the piss by slapping their advert right in the middle of the screen rendering the game unplayable. So because of that i had no choice but to uninstall the app. If I was you I'd go give them a good kick in the bolocks. Just wow

Great game if you have more money than time need to make just a little cheaper to upgrade Works great

This game is sticky is stuck to me like an arrow now I got three different archery games downloaded.( PLAY ON ) Superb!

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