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Great app. But I can't registered with drone academy!! Have contacted parrot they can't make out why. I tried everything they asked and still no joy. It's great drone. V v happy with it. Only problem is wifi signal drops and U can lose drone if it's up high and at its limit.. !!! Maybe should be a built in alert or booster so u reconnect. Over all 4 of 5. Works perfectly

Great app, apart from when used on Galaxy S6 Edge, it constantly disconnects even though the WIFI is connected. But works with out problem in Galaxy Tab S, there is only one major criticism, it doesn't support controllers. The Freeflight Pro app for the Bebop et al. does support Bluetooth controllers. As it is now so old and there hasn't been any updates for ages, the app will never get the support? Awesome

Does not work unless paired to drone. Will fail to obtain wi-fi IP address. May require hard reset of drone. Controls are janky with random drone movements combined with compass drift make drone uncontrollable. Highly Recommend.

Where are all the games that put the " AR" in ARdrone. free flights ok,but quit giving all the love to iphone. We payed the same price. Update: 12/2017, why can't I sign into flight academy?? Removing a star. Ps. I now fly DJI, you have lost a future costumer. Not bad

Works well. Sometimes it won't load though and link to my drone and I have to restart it a few times. Its annoying. Probably 10% of the time it gives me problems. Once it links it's awesome though!!! Not bad

I havnt been able to use the Drone Yet, but I have high expectations. I hope that the Quality of the Drones camera, is Top Quality, I hope that it controls well, and handles well, and I hope (now I know this wont be your fault) that I don't lose it lol. Anyway, all I'm saying is that I hope that the Drone works well, and I hope this app will make it better. Pretty good

Works 4 me! I'm using a cheap $40 Blu Dash w/ Android 6 (marshmallow) on AT&T network. Connects just fine, only loses signal when Drone gets out of range. App has never crashed. AR Drone 2.0 very responsive to this app. Pairing must be off to use with multiple devices. Muito bom!

App is simple and ok for regular user once familiar with controls. Lacks of advanced mode for both settings and pilot. The interface is not very intuitive. There's room for a lot of improvement. Surprisingly

It works great as long as the WiFi signal doesn't leave you hanging. That being said, it's amazingly user friendly. Perfect

Works fine. There are a few issues, but it's impressive how well it works for the challenge of something like this. Brilliant

This is my first official quadcopter drone and this app makes it very easy to maneuver it. I'm very pleased with the features the app provides and look forward to many hours of flight time. Perfect!

I had this drone for never would fly...I just downloaded the app and tried again and flys!!! Perfectly!! Software issue? Just wow

Its pretty good It took a hole lot of tried to actually fly it. I just pressed the piloting button and pressed the back button on your phone and keep doing that until it works. Go well

Great drone control app for my AR 2.0.... but it should default to joypad mode and it crashes rather frequently which could be an expensive problem when flying a real drone like this. Not bad

Once learning it it's pretty cool. Got it to learn on for what I really want. So for me it's a 5 star and dose a lot better than I thought it would. Okay honestly I gave it a good review hope that it's some kind of thing here that would make it work. After 2nd charge the Wi-Fi deal is out won't hook up to anything. As for me I messed up and paid to much for it. Lobes truck stops I found also has them at a way cheaper price. But after getting this one I'm finding out that if it was free still would be way over priced. So if you have good luck with yours that is great for me just way to much to spend to take up room in a trash can. Omg

Decent app, could use some more customizable features and i wish parrot would make extending wifi and the abilty to add ANY gamepad would be nice. Overall not impressed but not disappointed in the software . Pretty good

Great, my phone has terrible Bluetooth but the AR drone 2.0 surprised me when it used wifi instead. It also gives you real-time video of what your drone is seeing. Not bad

Drone itself works great! The only problem I have is losing WiFi connection and have used many different high and low end phones and tablets with the same result Perfect

It's my first day using this and I'm pleased to know it's extremely newbie friendly! Drone works well thus far. Fabulous!

Very easy to use interface. Intuitive controls and simple to learn. My 10 year old son can even use it easily. I like the absolute control option, and flips are a breeze when hovering or flying. Not bad

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