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Watching the fish swimming is very calming when I have had a stressful day, I love it. Great job

This is totally perfect wallpaper for my phone. No adds, and it functions very well. Thanks guys for this great app, a must wallpaper for everyone who loves fish and underwater. 5 star

Superb animated background and lock screen pictures..u can also change setting and add or remove some of the items present in just for it and install this app..very attractive Surprisingly

I love this app I can be stressed out just to look at my phone and it's peaceful and calming Cool

Love this and with so many settings. Love the control just wish we had more fish options. But it's amazing. Must have

I love this app and guys if you tap onto the aquarium it will give food I would like that please I will rate this 5 stars Go well

I love it!!!! It works great with my phone, oh this is going to get the kids attention. Highly Recommend.

Incredible. But could do with tap to feed fish as similar apps have. That would be a great bonus feature. Just wow

Only 4 fish choices and 3 of them are koi. What gives? Ocean images with pond fish. Perfect

This is magnificent. Very relaxing. Drains battery fast, beautiful pictures. Love it. Pretty good

I like the app because when I get stressed just look at my phone & it reminds me of my fish at home. Peaceful Muito bom!

Simply fantastic ! I'm overwhelmed by its sheer beauty. Very well done. Thanks for this free gift. Recommend

Live wallpaper It's ok but there on thing I have to keep putting back on my phone I don't understand it not very happy Good

The ocean and fish wallpapers in the app are customizable,have a water sound,and are somewhat soothing.You can also choose the wallpaper in the app that you want for the background for the phone screen. Works perfectly

Aquarium I really love this app as the different fish look real and alot of the different wallpaper I looked at wasent anything like this live wallpaper even the aquarium the fish r swimming in look real and it's very colorful full of life and very beautyful I'm very surprised how it all looks so real I'd recommend this app to all . Perfect!

FISH AQUARIUMS & PONDS Is a therapy to release tension where fish swims freely,chasing each others and corals movement. Great!

Under Sea fish It's a great app for live wallpaper nice and easy to use and change the fish. I would recommend it. Surprisingly

Relaxing At Work I have a repetitive, stressful job and I have slowed down the settings in this app. I put my headphones on and glance at the screen and feel more relaxed while working. I even play with the fish. This app is making my job easier. Thank you for the cool settings. Must have

I'm lovin' it ! Again! I've come across a live fish wallpaper before. For my laptop. Where I decide what + how many of each fish. Maybe it the same author? This 1's an improved vrsion.The 1 has water distortion , bubble's, + sunray's. I want to see some with the light of day to start dim to full light+ adjustment to said effect. Maybe even as an alarm clock. Dim to sleep. Maybe sound's of waves + seagull's? Maybe a hull of 12th bottom of a ship? The sound of a ship horn? Perfect

Wooooow This app it's very very good an beautiful, everyone's who c my phone ,ask for this app,l share it with some friends Perfect!

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