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I like the user friendly simplicity of the app, but I wish there was an 8oz measuring option. My water jug uses 8oz increments so I'm never sure if I have adjusted correctly through the day. Well done!!

Very cute. Love the sun. The reminders are great. I tend to drink to much water and it helps me stay on track so I drink just enough Works perfectly

What is the Go challenge? Other than that I love the app it works and you just got to put in the work! Works great

Don't like this new update, I can't see on the daily view the full picture of the times I drink water Marvelous

Wish it had weightloss tips for the disabled that are immobilized and food tips for vitamin k restrictions Perfect!

Very good app indeed. It reminds you of drinking water at regular interval . If you follow it, you will remain hydrated for sure. Fantastic

This app will really motivate you to KEEP drinking water Works perfectly

I'm grateful for this app for reminding me to drink. It's easy to use and encourage me to stay hydrated Perfect!

برنامج رائع يعمل تذكير لك بشرب المويه مع نصيحه انا مخليه التذكير من الساعه ٦ الصباح الى ١٢ بالليل و التذكير كل ربع ساعه مره مفيد البرنامج.. انا كنت ابحث عن شي زي كذا بس ما حصلت لكن الان الحمد لله هذا البرنامج الي لقيت فيه الي كنت ابحث عنه Pretty good

This app has become my addiction. It does a great job reminding me to stay hydrated. Awesome

Very helpful app! Reminds me to keep my fluid intake where it needs to be. Don't usually receive a reward that I would use. Works perfectly

This app has really helped me stay hydrated. It is hard for me to remember to drink enough water and the reminders really help. Also I was unclear how much I should be drinking every day. Brilliant

Gets me drinking water, which is a miracle. Before this app, I could go a whole day without a single drop of liquid. Now averaging a litre a day. Very happy. 5 star

Awesome app. It helps me to focus on more water intake during the days and especially weekends, which is usually hard to do. Works perfectly

simple to use and easy way to track an important aspect ( that most often is not not thought about) to maintain a healthy body Pretty good

App is great way to gently remind me to take break, drink some h20 and relax for a moment during my very busy workday. I don't mind the occassional ads. I've experienced worse w/other apps. Cool

Some times when you change the drink size it is delayed. Other than that great reminder and motivation to stay hydrated for your body sake. Omg

I like this app, it's simple, has a pleasant appearance, and it's easy to customise. The ads are not too annoying, too. Surprisingly

Do does a very good job of monitoring and recording your fluid consumption, which what I needed. Marvelous

Would give more stars, if there was a way to edit days....I drank more water one time,but forgot to input before 12am. Enjoy it!

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