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Notifications count not shown and quick reply need in grouped floating bar and it should be minimize right now we forced to see one by by all quick reply or close it love it

Hi. I have problem. When i receive new text messages, icon of messaging dont show number of new text messages.i use apus launcher too. 3 month ago i have this problem. I update apus launcher and message center but problem not solve. Please help. Surprisingly

بسیارررررررررر.عالییییییی.بوووووووووس. Awesome

Although I like the app, it's a little confusing. The message list I can't delete, I don't understand how it supposed to help me. Perfect

I am so happy that it manages everything? thanks Kudos for your help and support to you with my new phone! thanks again! Great job

Just bears the simplicity I crave, but I would really appreciate it if it will have a "mass messaging function on my desired contacts" instead of individually forwarding my messages to them. Thanks. Superb!

I can't see my messages when I click on the individual message ...why is that??? I'd give 5 stars otherwise.. everything else is fine Enjoy it!

GREAT! The new update is amazing ! i love it! it makes the messenger look so stylish wow lol

Great App, to have all my messages and emails in one place is great. Slick interface makes the app a joy to use. I would pay for add free if available. Worth a go!

برنامه ای بسیار خوب ومفیدی است.. Brilliant

I don't have to read news papers or watch TV to get the latest news! - everything is just in this Apus Launcher. *I Love It* Surprisingly

Daren't give it permission to send as it states I'll not get or receive messages w Samsung galaxy bit wary and dubious even though I like the look of your app. Perfect

5 star for this app or rather be 10 stars! I love the elegance of this app and also it manage my sms and email I hope your developers will provide some other themes please? I really need that. Thank you and thumbs up! Surprisingly

suits my style it caught my attention because of its simplicity and elegance. I like how clean my inbox looks. I was thrilled when I realized there were themes included but I was a bit disappointed because they were very limited. I HOPE THERE WILL BE MORE CHOICES FOR THE THEME LIKE THE CLASSIC THEME. THANKS. Cool

This app is great and wonderful, its truly helped and save alot of times, in terms of messaging and this app deserves 10 stars ✨ not 5 and asking for go super advance by adding more new features and update. Thanks a million times for the free helped and helping every online handheld devices users in the world. Thank you APUS. Please help and add options from the messaging body to enable us to send phonebook contact away to a contact of choice either in form of text or v. Card Amazing!

به علط فارسی نبودن متن ها قابل استفاده نیست Go well

I despise having my personal messaging content broken up and cluttered by cheap looking lame advertisements for irrelevant rubbish. I would therefore pay a premium for an ad free version of this application, however the developer has neglected making this option available. Otherwise, it's a nice program; I'm therefore disappointed to have no alternative but to uninstall it. Flawless

Great app. But there is no paid, ad-free version? This really makes me kinda sad.. Will give 5 stars when it comes out Surprisingly

Would love it if we were able to customize the colors of chat bubbles, also if picture messaging worked on it but it doesn't. Omg

با سلام و خسته نباشید خدمت دست اندرکاران برنامه خواستم بگم چرا با این ورژن صدای زنگ اس ام اس وقتی صفحه قفل است در نمیاد ممنون از Not bad

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