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its really very nice app... i ever used its fabalous good work guys... i have sujjestion just update it and add most new features... else its ameazi g Just wow

Well this app makes an android mobile what is worth of, so this app even can turn the shabby looking mobile into a great one. Again love this app a great thank to the developer.... Great!

Everything us good but please add a feature to customize notification bar like system launcher Please its my humble request Please work on it Overall it is good but lacks some features so please add some Perfect!

It's so nice app..I love it too much becoz it made my phone awesome and so stylish wow lol

Its really good i downloaded it and its used as my home, home screen though if u want your normal home screen then go and setting go on home and press whichever device. I would really like some more panda ones on tho because there are not so many.And really big thanks to whomever mad this app its fun its great it helps you if ur stuck on what do do with your device! wow lol


CONSTANTLY freezes, blank/stark white screen, incredibly laggy even after cleaning (cache/RAM) with the same thing happening on my other phones. It isn't the phone that's the problem, its the app. Needs considerable improvements. The only reason I rated as a three is it speeds up charging process, and had a few other niceties but not outweighed by the negatives Not bad

Honestly this is one of the best launchers I've used. However, the inability to remove ads is very frustrating. I would happily pay for an ad-free version and would like to see such an option in the future. When that happens 5 stars all the way. Awesome

I think this app is still not fully developed. This could be the best launcher we can get but I hope we can use several phone features on this. I'm really hoping I can unlock my phone using the fingerprint scanner. I'm also hoping to have an invisible pattern in unlocking hidden apps and the phone itself. Looking forward for your response. Brilliant

It's good, but ads pops up all the time... Well, I don't really have any problem with ads popping up here and there... The only problem I have is the "apps recommendation" I'm seeing everywhere... If only there was a way to switch off the recommendation. love it

This is a very lightweight, smooth plus good-looking launcher but only one feature is to be there and that is infinite scrolling. Also scrolling between pages on homescreen is a bit slow. Please do something regarding this. Superb!

No search bar in themes. And of course more icon's! But still good.. Oh and 1 tap hibernate shortcut doesn't work with booster Great!

It's so cool and it gives your phone a really cool effect to the keyboard!!!! Recommend

I like this app it have all things which I want but it does not contain screenshot you have to think on it Brilliant

I like it as I used other launcher but could not feel free and I download APUS now I feeling great Highly Recommend.

I like it. Looks like better and more interactive than s8 default theme. Thank you APUS Group Recommend

I like it and I would be expecting more improvement.Keep up the good work! Worth a go!

Want more themes which is not so much gaudy and so much of adds stop showing push adds Good

Nice work and very light to control but add more transitions effect with continuous scroll... Good work Just wow

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