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This app is the best ever i have seen yet... Nice controls...... Giving full information what we need... And this is the only which i needed.... Marvelous

Well, it is convenient rather than the older version. Because on the older version, tis' full of popping adds whenever I open an app or doing nothing. Just continue improving the app so that I can assure that my phone will experience a high quality launcher that doesn't have popping adds and has a secured filing system Superb!

I really love Apus the launcher gives you a lot if editing ideas and comes with wallpapers which is a really great feature that you don't really see on most launchers. I give Apus launcher a 5/5 on eating, editing, and personalization. Worth it!

I wish that you didn't have to download the themes But otherwise I like the app Highly Recommend.

I love this app! It has awesome wallpapers and themes! And it really speeds up my phone! Well done!!

I like the app haven't checked many things, just downloaded it this morning bit its good 5 star

It's the best thing in the world you don't even have to go to Google to search anything Enjoy it!

This is an amazing app, it's futuristic, functional, and just really fun to play around with! Good

Apus Launcher (anything in the Apus family actually) has been my favorite for years; the functionality, simplicity, customization, organization of apps/folders, and increase in phone speed makes it top notch!! In the past I would constantly reccomended it to friends and family, and everyone always loved it, even my grandma! Unfourtantly though as it has "improved", it has lost alot of the features that made it the best to begin with. The ads are intrusive and overwhelming, it is starting to over ride things it shouldn't and its constantly asking for me to download more while l lagging my phone. Even worse, the things I would like to actually see added and improved in updates haven't happened. I understand the ADs are a necessity to continue development but I would (along with many others) glady play for an app free version!! I don't want to delete but if things don't change I'll have no choice; sometimes we have to remember "if it's not not broken, don't fix it". I hope to continue to be a loyal member of the Apus community and improvements can be made so I can give it the 5+ stars it truly deserves! Cool

The process stops too often (Apus isn't responding, do you want to close it?). Other than that, it's a cool launcher. Amazing!

This was my all time favourite app but now too much disappointed. Using it in Lenovo Phab 2+. The Apus hang too much now. Facing issue since I installed in new phone. Reported already but no solution. Marvelous

The display and functionality of this launcher is great definitly prefer it as opposed to what came with my Samsung. My biggest issue with it is all of the ads! Non stop pop up ads drive me crazy on here. Fantastic

I wish there weren't so many ads. But other than that the app is really good. It has everything that I could ask for. Enjoy it!

This apps is the most useful to me and to you guys to...I'm sure this apps will not let you down : ) Works great

Very good best awesome theme app It has iPhone x features marvelous app in theme thanks Apus theme. Great!

Great themes This app have great themes and i love them great wallpapers with great collection Well done!!

So far everything is awesome so much better than hola launcher, love this app keep it going guys :) Go well

I just love this launcher!!! It awesome!! I recommend it for y'all!!! But I'd like to state some changes!! Well done!!

Dodol launcher is the best because there we can customize the icons from our gallery and it has less ads... If these things are solved in apus launcher then it might also become one of the best launcher app. Omg

Well, I think this launcher was great .Great themes , stylish wallpapers and overall it's just a nice app.please use it . Enjoy it!

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