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The other launchers have my phone acting up and this app don't ,so thanks for creating this app Well done!!

Literally the best launcher but recently it's been bugging out and then sometimes it says that" phone has just recovered from a serious error caused by apus and we highly recommend u uninstall it" I'm using a Huawei nova 2i and I'm on android 7.0+ Enjoy it!

good launcher but the amount of ads have increased a lot....everytime i closd an shows an ad on screen.please reduce them wow lol

I love this app so much it is very protective on apps that i dont want other people to look at Brilliant

I've known this app for 3 years I think and I say it's they best launcher for android if you find your default one boring you have my word that I'm rating this app 5 stars oh and keep up the good work APUS. Cool

This app is cool and amazing, especially effective if this is your first time using a phone. Works perfectly

This is the BEST launcher for Android,I have used others, but can't be compared to Apus... Muito bom!

I liked it but just after boosting I hate those ads which comes but still it's no problemo things and apart from it I like it Fabulous!

I rlly like did app bc when my phone is dead or,if my charger isn't connect it'll tell me Great!

This is the best app ever because now my cellphone is cool and myold was poop this is my favorite app ever Good

Yea this is a good app but 2 suggestions here. Add a paid function to remove ads and remove the words "hide apps" when entering the password. Great launcher for slow phone! :) Omg

Why this app is Good please reply to me please iams a big fan of this app please reply please I you reply i will make all friends to download Worth a go!

I really love it because it's the fact that you can it's an app that it controls itself not really like a game out it is something to make your phone better Great!

This app is Good but remove this address and extra notifications I am giving 3 star for this app because of adds Flawless

Like it cheeky sods. In order to reduce ads got to use fixtures. How about stop ads or I unistall. Pretty much the same deal. Fantastic

تم ها،بسیارمتنوع وقابل قبول هرسلیقه ای،دسته بندی اتومات وخوب برنامه ها،بوسترخوب،البته ضعف های کوچکی دارد،امادرمجموع 5ستاره شایسته آنست. Omg

Happy I have been working on it and it will be a good idea of what you think it is the best ever seen the EU server name is here and the rest of the day we are Recommend

Nice but please work on wallpaper , when I save any new wallpaper then the wallpaper seems upper half only .. Cool

Well the app's functionality and user-interfere were carefully designed, that's great but there are still things this app must have in order to be considered a number 1 app. But in my cause you did well and there isn't anything I would like to suggest to make it better, but if you do please add. Omg

I love this app. its convenient stylish and easy to use I could honestly live without the lock screen that bugs out sometime and makes opening the phone a bit more of a hassle but i understand its the best plays to put the adds without interrupting our activities Not bad

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