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It's the best applock ever seen . It works well and I have no complaint till now Fantastic

Very nice app & functioning well & I personally recommend everyone to utilize in mobile for security. Thank you IVY mobile Fabulous!

This applications, i think I observed for a few days its nice but. There are sometimes is not good for me. That's all Brilliant

Decent App. Don't like the new update. The number pad to enter pin is a whole row higher. Works great

App works great, but there is no protection against uninstalling this app which is weak point. 5 star

i hope the developer will provide device admin on this app so that i cant be uninstalled by other users Flawless

I love it me myself personally is a great app when using it and it's absolutely marvelous Fabulous!

This AppLock Is so awesome so I live it and I will give you 5 star for this Thanks Not bad

Very happy with it no complaints with it so far it's also very easy to use and the best part is this app is free ( let's so for how long this last my opinion of this I mean lol) love it

Not bad, just needs to make sure that the app asks for pin before opening apps. Doesn't do it often but occasionally will let me into a app without pin. Must have

This app is very useful. I'll recommend this app to you all because it secures your phone and can detect the face of the intruder if the password is incorrect. Five stars for this because all in all it's perfect. Pretty good

So far so good it's a nice combo of not watching adult content on your phone by blocking the source and then dl another app for a safer web service. Nice Recommend

3rd review and seems like they keep getting deleted!!!!!!!.... app does not lock all the time. I am able to open a locked app then about 20 seconds later it wants to lock during usage of the apps.. Also I forget my 6 digit pin and there s no way to recover it. I've tried unistallin and reinstalling buy still would work. Looks like I'll have to use another app lock program.. Just wow

Its kinda confusing how this works. When I open an app I locked with app lock, I'm supposed to unlock before I can use the app, but its the other way round. It locks after I'm done using it. Sigh Flawless

1st off safe & doesn't want all your info!!!! Superb!

Its not too bad I like this app but I can't find a way to enable the thing where the device takes pic of that person who is trying to enter your phone Marvelous

Excellent App lock but please make some enhancement to hide incorrect drawn pattern line to avoid someone snoopy. Just blink once all red pattern icon or shake the app icon to let user understand wrong pattern drawn. Great!

I can't put my own image as a theme, work on it guys.., otherwise ts a gud app n a very secured one Great!

Its good and easy to use It also catch picture when wrong password is entered I like this app One should install this app to protect your stuff Must have

Love that this app automatically asks if you want the screen lock set for new installed apps. Super plus! Thank you! Amazing!

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