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I loved this up and it is so can't discribe it .. it is so beatiful and wonderful Must have

App lock بدنیست..برای اونهایکه گوشیشون جنده ست بدردشون میخوره,, Pretty good

Its okk type app but plss tell me how to remove the time and date from the lock screen theme Well done!!

I will give it 5 stars but when I press the increase volume button it opens automatically plz fix it Brilliant

Please allow us to lock with those cute digital flower number pad that comes with wallpapers then I'll give it five. Fantastic

So good I loved it a lot. The themes are very good and it gives my mobile a beautiful new look Cool

I cannot live without The best lock app I've ever had. The designs are so pretty It took me forever to just choose one. My friends all love it and it is supper easy to use. Great!

LOVING IT !!! I love it so much I could die because it keeps my bother and mother and dad and anyone else from touching it so hahshahahahaha Go well

It would be very good app if notifications would work on locked screen. There is on option "Notifications" but it's impossible to set this - screen jumps to another place. :( Not bad

Sometimes it does not appear I gave it a 4 star because sometimes when i on my phone i will see that the locker does not appear..if u dont undrstand,what i mean is that the lock thing does not appear example i on my phone then there is no lock people could just steal... (not very good at english) BUT I LIKE IT ITS AWESOME BY HOW IT WORKS Worth it!

No lock.. Love this app....that's exactly what I am looking for......but lock is not applying.... Can u tell me why?? Flawless

Its not working properly but designs marvelous... Its features were superb but max time its not work I had done the access process in settings also but its not working feeling disappointed.... three stars for its designs but its very frustrating ya.... what can I do now... I want to use this app actually... wow lol

Nice app lock I have alrdy set the passcode all. The apps are not locked. Why? I have alrdy set which app should be locked. It's opening without asking the code. What I should do now? Pls reply my review. Tq Brilliant

I don't know why isn't it working but everything is going well but its not working Superb!

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