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This app is very awesome. But there is to many Pop up ads. Find a way to stop the ads. Fantastic

I am quite impressed by the capability and speediness of this app . Me thinks it could fly my moto jalopy solo ! Edit: After a week of use , I have made Max my main centerpiece app with a couple of battery savers and a couple of of the booster / cleaners from the Google store . The result is a svelte smooth and much quicker phone . Thanx Team ! 5 star

Too many notifications. It should remove the junk files once a day and keep them off. Just wow

It would be better if it didn't have so many adverts,and if you could pay to stop them,part from that it does more than anyother antivirus Perfect

Thanx for giving this usefull app.really its an amazing app it can protect all the apps used by unwanted person and i felt in proud to find this helpfull app.i hope for the better version. Well done!!

Not onely great security but phone cooler is the best out there , thank u developer! Fantastic

Really good interms of features and virus seeking, and overall phone maintenance, not a big fan of app lock though cuz unlocking and app everytime I want to use it is not very pleasnt Must have

It worked so fast and cooled my device faster than any other program I've tried. Thank you so much, Max. Great!

So far, much better than DFNDR in its current state, but I wonder if there is a way to make apps closed by the CPU cooler stay closed. Awesome

Very good cleaner. Cleaned just over 500mb of junk that I didn't even know was on my phone. I recommend it as a cleaner 5 star

Just got it but so far works great!!....... Only complaint?.....too many ads....annoying!..... Cool

Great, love data thieves option. Although, seems carbon copy of 360 without being as intrusive with ads which is great, app lock still buggy, things shouldnt show first then app lock screen comes on. Just wow

I like it kills apps instant. Avast dont I would though like a button that kills all running programs at once. Cool

Just cleaned with clean sweep got 134 mb used Max security got 615 mb right after don't know if the numbers are right but you got to go by their word Superb!

This is a really good app, and it doesn't ask you to pay for features like I was scared it would. I think it's something that everyone should have on their phone. Good

What a BIG Improvement! This app keeps me updated w/out having to open the app to find out. I'm impressed by the Speed of this app! I've tried Many! Go well

This app has helped my with any problems I've had. Viruses, privacy issues, over heating, the list goes on. Also it has recommended some amazing apps which hav e also helped me tremendously. All together I am very happy with this app. Brilliant

It's a very powerful tool to have on your phone. Its easy to use. I love it. Thank you for this app. Stacey Baker Flawless

I hope it's better than those other cleaners and booster that I've tried we'll see then i'll let you know Pretty good

Simple to use and good configuration. I would definitely recommend this product to use for its own purpose. It does the job very well without any strains over my phone:-) love it

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