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For many years, I have been looking for notifications by category. So I can get notified only by news I'm interested in instead of celebrity's gossip... Go well

Problems of bookmarking & video auto-play have been fixed. But my previous bookmarks are all gone. Great job

成日收到"未能與伺服器連線,請稍後嘗試!''但我關閉這 app 再重新開這 app ,又可以入到這 app。 Fabulous!

Slow downloading issue at every time loading the app that hangs on the splash screen annoyingly Text search bar needed. Needs search topic function. Tapping to notification won't load the app. Swapping back to this app will sometimes restart this app and lost the currently loaded topic

Video clips have no sound The video clips in the App have no sound since the last update (Android Samsung tab S). The same video clips play normally in the Apple web page.Please fix ASAP.

Will there be any modern adaptation? It does look and feel android 2.3 at the moment. Also I wish there's a better use of cache data. Like during the morning peak hours when the internet speed is slow on the MTR, often it took ages to load a page. Sometimes if I unintentionally pressed the back button and returned to the news list, it would then take me another forever to get the same page loaded again. It annoyed me a bit.

Waste my time I hv to scroll n scroll down to the point I clicked the video after watched it. Can u guys fix it? It doesn't happen before update!!

Cannot open the app after update... What's going on of the app? After update this morning, the app cannot be open again...have already tried to uninstall and install it once again, but it still not work...

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