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The mail feature doesn't update often enough so I need to check it through Google instead of the app to be up-to-date. Perfect!

The new improved security sign in wouldn't let me sign in to my account after installing the app on my Android phone. After multiple times of entering my id and password, I gave up and uninstalled UPDATE : Turns out that for some reason the Firefox Focus app I have on my phone decided to butt into my login sequence. After I removed it from my phone, I installed the app easily and am now using it. Looks pretty good, so far. Worth a go!

Not bad but could be great. I'm sure like most people, all I want is to get quick alerts about new mail. I don't want AOL's biased news, I have a legit news app. I don't want weather, I have a more accurate app. I just want my email. I would gladly pay $.99 or even $2.99 for an app that does just that! The "new mail" loads VERY slowly sometimes and sometimes not at all without closing and re-opening the app. Charge a small fee and provide a responsive app for just our mail. I bet people would be thrilled. I know I would. Good

After commenting on stories by phone is locked out on pictures and stories. Can not connect AOL through a email feedback or complaint. Anyone else having hard time. Must have been comments. Perfect!

First thing in the morning many times during the day last thing at night. my goto app very very good Brilliant

What was wrong with the old app? now in order to sign out I have to remove my username and my info? I'm confused. Highly Recommend.

App for Android mobile is fine, but what happens with MS Outlook? My emails have TOO many ads considering it is connected with a MAJOR internet provider. Worth a go!

It works OK, but, like so many Apps, tries to take over and do everything. It also needs more permissions than it really ought. And they change the UI when they update, which is poor customer service. Good

Mail isn't up to date when you delete some on your computer. It still shows the mail that you deleted. Superb!

There's always an article of interest for my taste. Occasionally more popular subjects are mixed in but, I'm not one to follow the crowd. Keeping me informed on what matters to me. Thanks. Not bad

Very good app. I keep track of my aol emails and have access to majors news. I am very satisfied. wow lol

Why are my comments always removed? Yet the racist, sexist, & political comments remain? Other than that, It's a great news app. Marvelous

Would be nice if after checking my email the "inbox" would be returned and not left on the last box you used such as the trash file. Have been with AOL since early 90's! Love AOL! I'm using a Motorola Droid Z Force. When I get notification that I have mail I click on the in box but nothing will come up. Takes many tries to access my In Box before it'll show. Brilliant

A simple and easy to use app, brilliant for checking your email while on the move. I've had no issues although the pop up adverts can be annoying. Go well

Great App, regardless of what others say. I use my Android phone more than my computer and this Application is my life line when I'm not at home. All of you who might have a few problems with the Application don't know what your doing, don't knock it just because you don't understand. Not bad

I have been using this app for over 3 weeks not a month fully yet but however absolutely brilliant I am fully satisfied with it Works great

I've been an AOL user for 20 + years. I've had the same email that I use as primary. The spam filter works great. Never had any issues. I just wouldn't recommend any of the computer clean up or virus scan tools. Cool

I've been a Member Since DAY #1. SO WISH I bought their Stock when they went Public Works perfectly

Why change what started everything honestly. I had Yahoo and etcs..yet I've had this for years so the app just completes it. Thanks Guys! Well done!!

I've used AOL since the 90s and I'll continue to use it until it is no more. Great service! Pretty good

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