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It's good game. Nice game. But ads are so much irritating. They r promoting some goat game. It's okay once or twice but every now n then that ad pops up, it's so irritating. I mean what's d use of ad if it's getting ignored after a period of tym. Omg

Sooo fun I don't really like all of the ads but otherwise I love this game. This is an amazing addicting fun all aged game!!! I hope u like it as much as I like it (I sort of think that is impossible) Not bad

Wow Hi this game is so gross but it's still fun I love it but now is not the time to talk I'm going to put all my ÷ problems and the answers 6÷3=2 8÷2=4 20 ÷ 5=4 sorry I have to go by Good

Great smashing game This is a great game plus it has flys and bees and ants.lf you smash the ants you get one or two points if you smash the flys then you get even more point but if you smash the bees then it will say ouch and you died Worth a go!

AH GOT 4235 but... Is nice... why aren't I on global I got 4235 which is the second best in the world I want my glory or the title I'm gonna beat the top guy "10k something" Awesome

Stopped working The game is good. The only thing is it crashes every time my score reaches to 540. If it isnt like this, i would gladly rate this to 5 stars. Go well

Not me My cat love to play with this games and falling in love with it . So I don't need to worry if my cat were bored when I was doing homework , I just need to open this game to my cat and continue doing homework . Thank you very much Works great

Awsum My not quite 2yrs son loves squishing the ant's & it keeps him occupied when we are out or waiting for anything. Fabulous!

The best game yet It's a really good game to play if you are bored, because if you are bored you just take out your phone and play ant smasher. Fantastic

A little bit more anty Haha just kidding but when i play this game i feel bad because im squishing ants and its bad Superb!

Ant Smasher it is a fun game I like the It's a fun game is there a ant smasher2 if is can you let me know about the game please thank you very much I like this game thank you again From Rochelle Johnson Recommend

Best game ever! Really like the game it's fun addictive and very awesome I think this game is the best game ever because I died and it let me watch a video to keep my score I really like this game wow lol

Time pass game I don't know how you people get this much worst thoughts I think this game is top100000000000000000s Flawless

Almost perfect! The adds are really annoying,add there,add there,adds are EVERYWHERE!!!! Surprisingly

I like it I've been playing this game since I was 4 years old thanks for making the game hate the people that hate this game Just wow

What I think of ant smasher It challenging and kind of boring but then is getsfun at the same time more people should play it. love it

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Addicting This game is nast but fun at the same time and i would play it for hours at a time so this is a really cool game Brilliant

Cool Good game to play for kids. My little brother plays this game and enjoys it the most out of all games Well done!!

I didnt like the update because now not everything isint free anymore and I cant edit the ants into pictures Cool

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