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I think this game is very fun . I love playing it when I'm bored because it gives me something to do so yeah. I bet you guys will love it too Muito bom!

Play this app it is great for children but don't tap the bees only the flys,ants,and rollypollies Surprisingly

It's it's okay I want it like make this a fun game but it's really fun to play when you're you know just love bugs but like I love this game and I'm a keep it downloaded for probably a little bit of time but it's really fun very challenging but I did not like how the Bumblebee was like I just want to squish the bugs not the Bumblebee Cool

Hello guys if you are rid out of ads just install lucky patcher and watch a little video on YouTube that how to remove ads in ant smasher follow their steps and will can,t see any ads Muito bom!

The game Is very fun but there are plenty of adds and you can't enjoy the game. They also want you too pay for no adds and If you Don't pay they will keep putting out adds they really want you to pay so they have lots of money Muito bom!

Angry Chanakya new Chanakya superhero Chanakya my mummy Hero No Happy New Year I mean where are you going ka superhero Janaki ultimate are you going are you my fridge eating why were you not you you my friend dad got the summer Must have

Awesome as best game ever just he little ads I get when playing but you should download it now so cool AWESOME AS DOWNLOAD NOW Great!

So addictive I cant believe it.u totally will love gets gross at times but it is great to kill time And great for bug haters...LOL. Fantastic

OMG!!!!! Is this game meant for me and Meeko or what? I love smashing those ugly bugs! Also my Leopard Gecko Meeko loves killing them! It's funny when she hits the screen and is confused cause she has nooo food! I say everyone who wanna kill dem ants get dis game!!! Thx for it and keep up your goooooooood work! Not bad

I haven't played this game in a while so I can't wait to play it all you people who like this game I'll like your comment all the peope who don't I'll not like yours By:Madison Sanders Marvelous

My bearded dragon loves this game Enjoy it!

I bought the baby version years ago to get rid of ads. I got a new phone and reinstalled the game, but my bought version doesn't work and it's asking me for more money. >:( Amazing!

It is very good download this game Flawless

I played this game when i was 3! Ik a long time ago but its still cool for me!(im 8) 5 star

A very good game to be refreshed after studying. It makes me lively and active and makes me free of agresion . Good


Toooo good. Very funny and limitless fun. My high score is 1890 in this game. Love it. Thanks for making this game. wow lol

Must have

Well done!!


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