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Thanks so much for making this app. It allows me to open other apps, etc. while continuing to listen to anime music I can't even find on Spotify. However, I'd much appreciate it if you uploaded the OP and ED of Twin Spirit Detectives (Shuangsheng Lingtan), a Chinese anime, and the ED of The Ancient Magus' Bride. Also, it'd be great if you could make it possible to quickly go to the list which you're playing, instead of having to search for it all over again each time. Please continue expanding the range of anime music found on the app. Thank you. Worth a go!

THIS IS THE BEST APP EVER OMG!!! I love it how you can go to your home screen and it still plays Vary nice ....but the problem is that when i try to find a song it doesn't pop up sometimes...I would like it if you added some english youtube songs aswell it would make your app even better!!! PLZ PLZ keep up the amzing work Good bye!! Surprisingly

It's a great app. I only have one main problem. I couldn't find music from newer anime, such as girls' last tour, or no game no life zero. I also can't find certain music from certain anime, like no game no life. In certain not all of its music is on here. Just remember, one more thing. Some music is much quieter. The theme from saiki kusuo, for instance, I need to triple the volume to hear it properly, this is annoying as I then have to tearn it down imediatelly afterwards. Other than that it's really helpful app, i use it daily Good

Amazing! Just a small thing for improvement would be if you could make multiple playlists. Otherwise I love this app and its not given me a single problem in the year I've used it Not bad

The app is by way good, servers are solid, demo. This needs a lot of improvement, for example notification options for control the music. Also yo fix the problem when the music stops playing or random plays another song. When quiting the app service doesn't end totally until you stop the song. Also you need to better manage the link and the way the app logically works. Awesome but need improvement. Surprisingly

Great app for anime lovers. All the good songs in one place, has a great variety. And the download feature os just awesome. Giving 4 star just because the app sure can use un update. It is still stuck on 2016. Recommend

It's so simple, but so many anime music! But would you please cancel the auto-rotation? And hope you could provide a donation version to remove the ads. It's so annoyed! Perfect!

Awesome app tho there need to be some things fixed Qst of please please add the Fate apocrypha's Ending 2 (Koe-Asca) secondly there's this one song Fairy tail's Ending song (Be as One) it's incomplete. Thank you altho everything's great Well done!!

I would have given it 5 stars it's the best app ever. The reason for giving 4 stars is that it has not been updated in months. The top 50 songs haven't been changed in months and the new anime songs are not available 5 star

It's a awesome app for listening to music but flaws like not being able to edit your playlist or having missing song archives. But overall the best music app for anime by far. Thank you 5 star

Great app though if it could upload songs from recent anime it would be great. Another thing that would be neat is to have more playlists instead of just one. Other than that keep up the good work devs ^^ Just wow

IT'S AWESOME Its a great app with offline mode so that u do not require WiFi to listen to ur fave anime music...however, I wish that when I exit the app, the music will not stop...pls fix this.Thanks :D wow lol

I LOVE THIS APP!!! first of all it's COMPLETLY FREE!! second of all YOU CAN DOWNLOAD MUSIC!!! and that's not all ITS THE ORIGINAL FREAKING ARTISTS!!! NOT like other apps WHERE YOU HAVE TO PAY to get someone trying to be the next Justin bieber singing unravel Tokyo ghoul. Only 1 tiny tiny complaint... I wish it had more than 1 playlist you could make other than that I WILL HAVE THIS APP FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!!! 5 STARS ARE NOT ENOUGH FOR THIS APP!!!! Worth it!

It's definitely#1 in anime music. Has made in abyss. However, could use a next button and buttons in the dropdown Recommend

Although the app would be better if it had multiple playlists, I think it's one of the best apps. Also, I've been getting problems when I turn off my phone while listening to the music in the background. The music suddenly turns off after a few songs and the app says " loading...". Please fix this bug. Brilliant

I absolutely adore this app, it's almost perfect! The only thing I'd have to point out is you have to be online to listen to the songs, and I'm not too sure why. I get that you need to be connected to actually download the songs, but it kind of sucks when my data runs out when I'm out and can't listen. Otherwise perfect app! Worth a go!

Great app, I'm able to find most of my songs. But can you also add songs from artists and not anime? Example would be Hysteric Bullet by Garnidelia. Also can you add Ongaku from Kara no Kyoukai and songs from chinese anime? Thanks. Awesome

This is a app for weeaboo's to listen to their favorite music like how people have have iHeartRadio or Spotify I think this works great and I love listening to music on it but I can't find op's for blend s Highly Recommend.

This is a great app it has tons of songs that other apps don't necessarily have. But I really wish It would update more often and maybe create an option to make different play lists. But otherwise I've used the app for tow years and it's been great Well done!!

It's ok. It has a large library, but it's very unorganized and the song quality isn't very high. There is no timing in the songs, so you don't really know at what minute or second you are. You can't also control the music outside the app, there isn't a control panel in the notification bar. love it

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