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Great little game nice amount of content but deff would focus more on a new control scheme it's very hard to control the characters maybe add a analog instead of a dpad format for character movemeng maybe add a maybe add a jump button also when your charging your power up i would add a aura around the characters maybe a combo system aerial combat and the abilty to counter ultimates and or beam struggles with charaters just some ideas all in all very solid effort i will continue to support this game and its further updates and try and spread the word to other people about it Surprisingly

Add more anime character like kakashi and sakura .rock lee and gaara . Cell and majin buu and ssj4 goku , vegeta .. and gogeto and vegito Go well

Its a nice game but they should add more characters like Itachi Uchiha(Naruto),Hashirama Senju(Naruto) and Kirito(Sword Art Online) Pretty good

i little having with the control and it have some bugs but i love game ang please and luffy 4th gear Perfect!

At first i want to rate this game 5 stars but it have a problem to the game which is when i starting to play it turns back to my home screen..please fix that problem ..but in the controls, and other components is ok is really nice game..hmmm i hope you fix that promblen that's all :) Well done!!

Please add more characters and fix the controls they are kinda hard other than that it's cool and make it to were some moves cancel out Enjoy it!

Fix the crashing and sensitivity for the controls and please add an in app purchase for the gold coins and characters,but its just my opinion. Anyway nice game for the anime fans out there Fantastic

I LOVE the game its awesome and there's a huge variety of characters to choose but I got a few problems could you add tsunayoshi sawada from katekyoshi hitman reborn give toshiro a bankai and add jumping because I feel cramped without jumping Thank you Cool

Can you pls add killer bee kakashi minato and some tailed beast in naruto example naruto kurama mode and sasukr susano'o Superb!

liked it but this is my suggestion add more forms like luffy gear 3rd and natsu dragon cry,add more characters and please make a long health bcoz the match is very fast but got make a great anime battle then i like a game like this with marvel vs dc game plzzzz Worth it!

Dude, this game is awesome but the problem is it keeps turning off like stopping the game please fix this and remove the ads Muito bom!

Can you gave goku final kamenkama haaa and can you give natsu his dragon slayer mode and give sasuke susano and can give hisoka. His nen mode and gon and killua pls Surprisingly

There is a problem when ever you play and win it gives you lots of money but when you try to spend it on characters it says not empty coins pleas fix this Enjoy it!

There is a MAJOR and when I say major I mean MAJOR bug.If you get cornered in a fight,then you'll be STUCK.Just bcuz the enemy won't move when you get combos.It's a really good game but some bugs and complaints ;) Overall it's great.Just add a lil bit more "context" to it :D Superb!

The only thing you should do is put a training mode on it, everything is perfect ( and give Goku Super Saiyan blue kaioken form too please Recommend

Please add more characters and fix the controls they are kinda hard other than that it's cool Just wow

Needs work make characters more easy on easy i was trying it out and also make the energy bar a little less when u start to fight Go well

Pls ad sword art online characters pls o and ad my hero academai to AND IT'S SO GREAT BEDT LIKE ALL OF IT OTHER THAN THE GRAPHICS IT'S AWESOME LOVE IT 5 star

I like the game but can you pls give natsu dragon slayer mode and give luffy his mode in the show one piece pls Muito bom!

Pls update the graphics and pls make more update and I really really love it wow lol

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