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I have installed this app for my 2 year old niece n she is crazy​ about this app. it is a fun learning app. child can remember animal names as well there sound Muito bom!

برنامج اكثر من ممتاز به الكثير من اصوات الحيوانات . سيحبه الاطفال بالتاكيد . Muito bom!

I like that it also tells you the name of the creature. Many apps don't, so sometimes your left guessing what it is. Also love the link to Wikipedia. Brilliant

Animals pictures are of High Definition and Sound is excellent. Having favorite option, slide show option are very good. Perfect

Brilliant! Great the way it names the animals before the sound - as well as a picture of the animal. Thanks. love it

Very close and fabulous. It is very very very cool. It has some sounds that was off like a grasshopper does not make a cricket sound but that is the only flaw I found. Very good programing!!!!!! Cool

I couldn't find a table of contents. I had to keep scrolling unti I found the one I was looking for. Good

Good picture and sound quality My baby is eleven months old. After seeing and listening to the sounds he started making such sounds. I am very happy the way he responds to this... Not bad

Best animal sounds app! It was the third one I tried. It is good for sound effects for a play, but also great for teaching kids about animals. 5 star

Grandpa Great application. Our 10 month old grand baby loves the pictures and the sounds are realistic. Go well

Lovely pictures and sounds are great. Might be more educational if there was a voiceover naming the animals Marvelous

Good with HD quality but needs improvement As some of animal voice is bit different for example Asian Koel of cuckoo family voice is different than its normally has. Works perfectly

From Bangladesh Bangla language should be introduce, thank you.Otherwise this app is very usefull. Must have

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