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It's a great game even tho U only get to animals at the start you can buy more :) Superb!

It sucks that I have to buy characters with real money but I mean I guess it's good but the next time you download a game read the comment section it might be a ripoff kind of like this Go well

I think this game is on fleek (AKA amazing) but my only thing is to have everything free so you don't have to unlock it Not bad

One thing wrong when i did the 2nd pup i finished it and the next pup didnt unlock didnt buy anything Perfect

I really liked that children and adults can learn to look after their own animal in their own lives in-fact it is a great game for the people who are interested in BUYING a new member of their lives and it will be a good idea to buy a new animal Muito bom!

It is breat but one thing i dont like is that they have to buy stuff on there with pretend money and it runs out realy easily and it makes my daughter mad and somit makes me mad but it still is a pretty great game as i have said before the money does run out easily but test i out for yourself and see how you like it Just wow

This game is AWESOME but the controls are bad the llama when you have to dry the llama the Toulouse hard to drag Works perfectly

Love it This is one of the best hair salon games l have ever played l had it before but my tablet got factory set so when l saw it l already new what it was like so l was like gotta have it again now l am not leaving it out Worth it!

Dude, I like it but... you shouldn't have to buy all the animals in all the games. For God's sakes it's a game meant for.. 8 or 9 years olds. And it's not fair bc it's just been said! It's a game for kids. Y do u have to buy the animals? Because this person wants more money or whatever but there should be prices for the animals. You should know that tutuTOONS! Flawless

It is a good game but I think u should be able to unlock the charters instead of paying for them but other than that my kids love it they like how it works but that is the only thing they don't like,because they won't to unlock new charters and see what they can do love it

Ok this is a good game, But you only can style and dress up the lama and the poodle :( i was rlly looking forward too style the cat, dog and the lion, besides that, good game! Love when i dress up the lama! I dressed the lama up exactly the same style as it has on the picture's on the app store! Great game keep it up tutotoons! Marvelous

I love it ,just I whould like all the character's to be un locked and in all your other games and we don't have videos to get something for the character otherwise I LOVE IT ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤!!!! Cool

I ok got me as long I can get more animal Thank you for helping us improve our website Just wow

It's some thing new means animals hair salon and spa I saw it first time. Other wise all games are of princess hair salon and spa . And then animals are so cute. I am excited to play it. Marvelous

Really fun game if you didn't like it then just delete it and foget it and don't tell anyone Pretty good

It is a good game to play but it has a lot of locked animals all you can play is 2 animals it gets boring after 1 animal Enjoy it!

It is so good nadir very nice game I loved it but the thing is is that there is loads of things popping up about it so I am not a lover of that Sunday Superb!

The worst game ever in the world because when ever i play this game it stucks and the other point is that they are only two animals unlocked Must have

I love this app because there's no internet and it's so good Even though I have internet like when I'm on the call is going to be like really good Cool

Awesome It is cool were you get to trim, dye, and rinse the animals. That's just my opion, plus I LOVE animals if you do, you're should check it out for yourself. It's cool!!!!!!!!,!!!!!!!,, Go well

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