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I like angry birds series and this game is good but while playing the game i started to hate pigs and I want to destroy them all. Good

I liked this very much as it has lots of worlds and birds with different abilities. Even the helping hand things at the top corner are truly powerful. I am already on Saturn in the solar system! It is definitely a must have. I recommend play now!! Great job

The best of the rest. this is a 100 OUT OF 100!!!! Its. My fav one but please MOAR UPDATE :-D :-D :-D :-D 5 star

Love the level designs ,very trippy looking and mystical Flawless

This version is great , developed with space concepts... But adds are really really irritating Brilliant

It's a good game but some levels require money to open which is a bit disappointing Perfect

the game is good but it does not have any bird coin i hope you going to update this game and I hope you make more game)}]play the new angry birds 2 new mighty eagle boot camp Highly Recommend.

I like solar system in this game and like level design. Ja volim solarni sistem u ovoj igri i svidja mi se dizajn samih nivoa. Brilliant

There should be a major update that includes 30 new levels set in the Trappist-1 system. Go well

I always loved angry birds, and when this game came out, I rushed to get it. It's a creative take on the birds, and a must play. Perfect!

Good game and any on playing CoC here plz join me I am leader and my clash name is Rohan and my clan name is United clashers Pretty good

This is one of the very FIRST games i ever played, I love these kinds of games even if its bad, well... not really, but you get the point right? Now i just wanna start playing it!!! Good

My game is always hanging i cant play up to ten minutes before it hangs nd I'll have to leave the game please do something about it thank you Cool

I think I am pretty sure thatid S a fun game and will never never stop entertain people Must have

I love Angry Birds game and this is my favorite version in the space. Excellent, so exciting. I really had much fun playing this. Plus it has trivia and that makes it entertaining and informative as well. Great job

Every thing about the game is fun but it is starting to get way to many ads that interfere with game time Great job

amazing - This app is a very good waste of time for all day and I enjoyed every moment playing it wow lol

Space core: space? Me: yes, my fellow space buddy, that's where we shall go. Both: SPACE!!!!!1!!!1! Perfect!

I made a purchase 20 min ago and it won't give it to me. A small pack of space eagle at $2.79. The message said "we couldnt connect to server. We will forward your purchase when connection is restored". But the server was fine because Google play took the money no problem. Send me my purchase please. Perfect

It is nice that you keep making good games like this but why in the world did you discontinue Stella and what the hell were the subsequent games supposed to be?? I hope you bring back games like Space and Stella with new character design instead of rehashing the same old formula Cool

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