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D.Bass Fantastic

D.Bass Fantastic

What happened? I logged into the game yesterday all the progress I had in the game and all the levels that I unlocked is gone and I have to start all over. Is there a glitch or something? Cool

D.Bass Surprisingly

D.Bass Omg

D.Bass Good

D.Bass Cool

D.Bass Brilliant

D.Bass Great!

D.Bass Good

D.Bass Not bad

Birds wear problem and episodes problem #my favorite game BUT WAY IS MOST EPISODES LOCK FOR COINS NOW, THAT NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE ON ANGRY BIRDS SEASON! #birds wear THAT'S WHY I'M TELLING YOU THIS rovio Awesome

D.Bass Flawless

D.Bass Amazing!

D.Bass Great!

D.Bass Fabulous!

D.Bass Awesome

Irritating Since last update, won't load any of the Pig Challenge levels. Pushy about logging in with Facebook, but still won't load levels after logging in. Great time killer, but I wish it would load the levels I want to play. Fix it and I'll change back to 5 stars. Superb!

D.Bass Marvelous

Always a Favorite Angry Birds has always been the go-to game in the Christmas season. I wonder if it would be possible to have the next Christmas edition for 2017 all about Canada since we're celebrating our 150th anniversary as a nation? I think that would be awesome! :D Worth it!

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