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Angry birds seasons. I want to continue to play but because you charge money now to play every level, even ones already played, I am not playing much anymore. This is supposed to be free to play, that 's why we have to watch the silly ads! Not free no more ads!!!!! Recommend

Am addicted My son introduced me to angry birds and we often spend time playing it together. He is far better at it than me. I love the different challenges and characters. Can't wait until the next updates. Highly Recommend.

ANGRY HORSE We up North really love this game, Ay? Peeps don't like it then they can just Take Off, Ay? Lol . No, it is a good game though. I do recommend to anyone with a good sense of gaming. ;-) Cool

D.Bass Worth a go!

Awesome game This game is awesome, but if I had one complain, it would be the placement of the shock bomb and teleport red. Accidentally touching them while going for the pause button is annoying. Works great

D.Bass Brilliant

Ads suck! The ads are waaaaaay to long. It's obvious that a shorter add leaves more to the imagination, therefore the person watching the ad will most likely look it up! Longer adds just pissed people off! Of course Angry Birds is always fun. I stopped playing it for years because of the lengthy ads. Perfect!

D.Bass Works great

D.Bass Surprisingly

D.Bass Awesome

D.Bass Worth it!

Marie hamtoniette Love this game can't get enough. It's so much fun.wish there were less ads. But the games are fun. Please join in the fun you won't regret it.s till having so much fun. Always playing this game, I don't even want to eat just so I can have more play time. Recommend

D.Bass Brilliant

D.Bass Amazing!

Diappointetd not true advent I'm disappointed that this year the Christmas edition is not a true advent calendar. I enjoyed "opening" a new level everyday leading up to christmas in previous years. This year though I am able to access all levels from the main screen even though if I try and click next it tells me I must wait. Marvelous

D.Bass Great job

D.Bass Marvelous

D.Bass Cool

Angry Birds Seasons Simply, the best! Don't mind waiting ...all good things come to she who waits!! ..but you can also pay a little for more fun ;-) Perfect!

D.Bass Omg

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