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Great game but the little red guys aren't as strong as they use to be an yellow aren't as fast as before an pack less punch an the power ups come to far apart an the scoreing is rigged now on let's say you got 4. Birds you clean house with two an you get one star I no what your doing in long run going to cost a guy some money an I will quit playing at that point. I am a uneducated man an I figured it out so do you think the smart people will. Your changes are sneaky but me a dish washer figured it out. Enjoy it!

Love Angry Birds Seasons but will not share or like on FB to do anything.It has improved a lot. Enjoy this Dec 2016 update.Problem with quests however- there are never videos available- very annoying 5 star

Love this game! Best entertainment! Playing Angry Birds Seasons makes the time go by unnoticed; it's so much fun to blast those nasty piggies in tons of challenging and well designed levels; keeps me coming back for more! Worth it!

Angry birds of any kind(or any game).This is bothersome for anyone. Who likes to gAme!!! They finally got my stuff together,even though I had to go to the retailer's to get a quick fix.I just like to play those crazy birds!A lot of do it whenever you want to fun.Yahooie! Great!

I love the game. My issue is with birdwear that I purchased. A while back I lost a lot of my birdwear but a later update gave everything back, except the ones I purchased with coins. I contacted Rovio, they said I couldn't get them back. I frequently get the same quests. I would really like to see less repeats and more quests. You can only only beat your own score so many times. Worth a go!

I love Angry Birds, but level 54 of Slam Dunk has a glitch where you can't win. It would be great if that could be fixed. I've seen plenty of posts on forums that this is a widespread issue. Omg

I loved Angry Birds Friends first. I am SO HAPPY when I play it. And when I achieve, and the Xbox Achievements Banner pops up.. oh mie GOSH-NESS!! I feel like I'm rethinking and keeping mySelf on my toes. Mentally, I feel more able to Focus. Between Testing for my college courses, it helps calm me down and prepare the Peace that I Need. Now with Seasons, I uninstalled and reinstalled when I got far. I don't want to lose my thrill. And I also want to keep mySelf thinking! Fantastic

Who ever came up with angry birds in general. The idea was pure genius. If I could give it a rating between 1 through 10, I would give it 100.☺ Surprisingly

Wonderful game. Fun and addicting. So many different "games" all in one. I love that I can go back and play all the different seasonal games since the first. Best of all its,free and can play off line! There are ads because its,free but unlike what one reviewer said about their being "so many they had to uninstall" I would not agree with. I haven't had many ads and that is how the developers make enough money to work on the game and create more seasons. Their are also in ap purchases but you can also earn coins in game play to unlock special birds. Just wow

Absolutely incredible game that is more addictive than a lot of other games that I've played. I'm a game freak. I mean; I've played a lot of games in my lifetime. (Hundreds on multiple consoles). But... The 'Angry Birds' franchise; I feel will always be and has always been one of the most fun and addictive side-scroll games that I've ever played in my life. I think that the developers should totally make a version of the U.S./individual cities and/or states since they've already made one about Finland and the info about the culture. And this game should have an even 5 star rating. I mean; you can't really get better than this (Angry Birds Seasons) or 'Angry Birds 2' with this specific genre. Amazing!

I always. come back to my Angry Birds , they are the most entertaining and funny game I've had played in years , the graphics ,colors music ( superb ) , animation , and all around are unique . among the other games available from 2010 to present they are and always be my favorites . KUDOS !!! THANK you Rovio 4 the good work . Keep them coming, improving and helping me enjoy them in a relaxed , enjoying , and happy way . Amazing!

Problem I have uninstalled, shut down and restarted device, reinstalled...I have tried logging on with FB, no matter it keeps kicking me out. Doesn't give me a chance to report the problem either. Other then that its fun!! Please fix and ill give it 5 stars!! Just wow

A Great Update... ...long overdue. I love Angry Birds and am glad this version kept with the fun of the more original games. It's too easy to over-think things and make a favorite game too complicated these days. No Need for complex; only fun, and this delivers with originality and challenge. I would LOVE to see an Angry Birds series based on 1980's video games! You listening, Rovio? :) Flawless

It shuts down In year of the dragon level when the dragon comes out it jus shuts down an goes to my home screen. Sucks. Its my favorite board in thia game. Please fix. Superb!

D.Bass love it

D.Bass Cool

D.Bass Superb!

D.Bass Amazing!

Purely for the game Great game, highly addictive. As a big downer, all the ads and time wasting for next game. Shame to spoil a good score but there you have it. Just wow

D.Bass Muito bom!

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